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cpantest script

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  • phildobbin
    Being on Mac OS X running 5.8.0 on my testbox (iBook), I ve been d/l ing a lot of stuff from cpan and checking stuff to see if it works.I ve become a
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2002
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      Being on Mac OS X running 5.8.0 on my testbox (iBook), I've been d/l'ing a
      lot of stuff from cpan and checking stuff to see if it works.

      I've become a cpantester and I'm damned if I can figure out how to report
      the pass/failure with the script provided (and attached).

      I've all requisite modules installed and have scoured the Camel and the
      BigHorn Sheep but no go.

      Any help on how to figure this out, greatly appreciated :-)


      Phil (on digest. A cc would be appreciated).


      #!/usr/bin/perl eval 'exec /usr/bin/perl -S $0 ${1+"$@"}' if $running_under_some_shell; =head1 NAME B<cpantest> - Report test results of a package retrieved from CPAN =head1 DESCRIPTION B<cpantest> uniformly posts package test results in support of the cpan-testers project. See B<http://testers.cpan.org/> for details. =head1 USAGE cpantest -g grade [ -nc ] [ -auto ] [ -p package ] [ email-addresses ] For MacPerl, save as a droplet, and drop a module archive or unpacked folder on the droplet. =head1 OPTIONS =over 4 =item -g grade I<grade> indicates the success or failure of the package's builtin tests, and is one of: grade meaning ----- ------- pass all tests included with the package passed fail some tests failed na the package does not work on this platform unknown the package did not include tests =item -p package I<package> is the name of the package you are testing. If you don't supply a value on the command line, you will be prompted for one. =item -nc No comment; you will not be prompted to supply a comment about the package. =item -auto Autosubmission (non-interactive); you won't be prompted to supply any information that you didn't provide on the command line. Implies I<-nc>. =item email-addresses A list of additional email addresses that should be cc:'d in this report (typically, the package's author). =back =head1 AUTHORS Kurt Starsinic E<lt>F<Kurt.Starsinic@...>E<gt>, with patches from the CPAN Testers E<lt>F<cpan-testers@...>E<gt>. =head1 COPYRIGHT Copyright (c) 1999 Kurt Starsinic. This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. =cut use strict; use Cwd; use Mail::Send; use Config; use Getopt::Long; use vars qw($VERSION); $VERSION = "0.93"; use vars qw(%Grades $CC $CPAN_testers $Report); %Grades = ( # Legal grades: 'pass' => "all tests pass", 'fail' => "some tests fail", 'na' => "package will not work on this platform", 'unknown' => "package did not include tests", ); $CPAN_testers = 'cpan-testers@...'; $Report = $ENV{CPANTEST} || ($ENV{TMPDIR} ? "$ENV{TMPDIR}/CPANTEST.RPT" : "CPANTEST.RPT"); ### Process command line: use vars qw($Grade $Package $No_comment $Automatic $Comment_text $MacApp $MacMPW); $MacMPW = $^O eq 'MacOS' && $MacPerl::Version =~ /MPW/; $MacApp = $^O eq 'MacOS' && $MacPerl::Version =~ /Application/; if ($MacApp) { DoMacOptions(); } else { GetOptions( 'g=s', \$Grade, 'p=s', \$Package, 'nc', \$No_comment, 'auto', \$Automatic, 't=s', \$Comment_text, ) or usage(); $CC = join ' ', @ARGV; $No_comment = 1 if ($Automatic && !$Comment_text); } usage("-g <grade> is required") unless defined $Grade; usage("grade `$Grade' is invalid") unless defined $Grades{$Grade}; usage("-p is required with -auto") if $Automatic and !$Package; my $comment_marker = $No_comment ? '' : sprintf(qq{-- \n%s\n\n}, $Comment_text ? $Comment_text : '[ insert comments here ]'); ### Compose report: open REPORT, ">$Report" or die "cannot open $Report: $!"; print REPORT <<"EOF"; This distribution has been tested as part of the cpan-testers effort to test as many new uploads to CPAN as possible. See http://testers.cpan.org/ Please cc any replies to cpan-testers\@... to keep other test volunteers informed and to prevent any duplicate effort. $comment_marker -- EOF print REPORT Config::myconfig(); close REPORT; unless ($No_comment || $Comment_text) { my $editor = $ENV{VISUAL} || $ENV{EDITOR} || $ENV{EDIT} || ($^O eq 'VMS' and "edit/tpu") || ($^O eq 'MSWin32' and "notepad") || ($^O eq 'MacOS' and 'ttxt') || 'vi'; $editor = prompt('Editor', $editor) unless $MacApp; if ($^O eq 'MacOS') { use vars '%Application'; foreach my $mod (qw( Mac::MoreFiles Mac::AppleEvents::Simple Mac::AppleEvents )) { eval qq(require $mod) or die "die: Can't load $mod.\n"; eval qq($mod->import()); } my $app = $Application{$editor}; die "Application with ID '$editor' not found.\n" if !$app; my $obj = 'obj {want:type(cobj), from:null(), ' . 'form:enum(name), seld:TEXT(@)}'; my $evt = do_event(qw/aevt odoc MACS/, "'----': $obj, usin: $obj", $Report, $app); if (my $err = AEGetParamDesc($evt->{REP}, 'errn')) { die "AppleEvent error: ${\AEPrint($err)}.\n"; } prompt('Done?', 'Yes') if $MacMPW; MacPerl::Answer('Done?') if $MacApp; } else { die "The editor `$editor' could not be run" if system "$editor $Report"; } $CC ||= ask_cc() unless $MacApp; } my ($subject, $msg); if (!$Package) { $Package = cwd(); $Package =~ s:.*/::; $Package = prompt('Package', $Package); } # Are there _any_ useful limitations we can put on $Package? This has # proven to be too restrictive: #usage("`$Package' should end with a dash and version number only") # unless $Package =~ /-[\.0-9]+$/; $subject = uc($Grade) . " $Package $Config{archname} $Config{osvers}"; if (!$Automatic) { $subject = prompt('Subject', $subject); print "\n"; print "Subject: $subject\n"; print "To: $CPAN_testers\n"; print "Cc: $CC\n" if defined $CC; if (prompt('Send/Ignore', 'Ignore') !~ /^[Ss]/) { print "Ignoring message.\n"; exit 1; } } $msg = new Mail::Send Subject => $subject, To => $CPAN_testers; if (defined $CC) { $CC =~ s/\s+/, /g; $msg->cc($CC); } $msg->set('X-reported-via', "cpan-test version $VERSION"); my $fh = $msg->open; open REP, $Report; while (<REP>) { print $fh $_ } close REP; $fh->close; if($ENV{CPANTEST_LOG}) { open(LOG,">>$ENV{CPANTEST_LOG}") or die "Unable to open $ENV{CPANTEST_LOG}"; my $time = localtime; print LOG "$subject $time\n"; close(LOG); } ### End of main program; subroutines follow sub ask_cc { my $cc = prompt('CC', 'none'); return ($cc eq 'none') ? undef : expand_author($cc); } # Given an author identifier (either a CPAN authorname or a proper # email address), return a proper email address. sub expand_author { my ($author) = @_; if ($author =~ /^[-A-Z]+$/) { # Smells like a CPAN authorname eval { require CPAN } or return undef; my $cpan_author = CPAN::Shell->expand("Author", $author); return eval { $cpan_author->email }; } elsif ($author =~ /^\S+@[a-zA-Z0-9\.-]+$/) { return $author; } return undef; } # Prompt for a new value for $label, given $default; return the user's # selection. sub prompt { my ($label, $default) = @_; printf "$label%s", ($MacMPW ? ":\n$default" : " [$default]: "); my $input = scalar <STDIN>; chomp $input; return (length $input) ? $input : $default; } sub usage { my ($message) = @_; print "Error: $message\n" if defined $message; print "Usage:\n"; print " cpantest -g grade [ -nc ] [ -auto ] [ -p package ]\n"; print " [ email-addresses ]\n"; print " -g grade Indicates the status of the tested package.\n"; print " Possible values for grade are:\n"; foreach (keys %Grades) { printf " %-10s %s\n", $_, $Grades{$_}; } print " -p Specify the name of the distribution tested.\n"; print " -nc No comment; you will not be prompted to comment on\n"; print " the package.\n"; print " -auto Autosubmission (non-interactive); implies -nc.\n"; exit 1; } sub DoMacOptions { require File::Basename; if ($ARGV[0]) { ($Package = File::Basename::basename($ARGV[0])) =~ s/\.t(?:ar\.)?gz$//; } $Package = MacPerl::Ask('Package Name?', $Package); $Grade = MacPerl::Pick('What Grade?', qw(pass fail unknown na)); $No_comment = MacPerl::Answer('Comment on submission?', qw(No Yes)); $CC = MacPerl::Ask('Cc: to address?'); $Automatic = 1; }

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    • Franki
      Hello peoples... I have a small issue with the LWP modules... I have a script that is supposed to go and collect a page using LWP, it works... When that same
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 1, 2002
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        Hello peoples...

        I have a small issue with the LWP modules...

        I have a script that is supposed to go and collect a page using LWP, it

        When that same script is pointed to a perl script that displays HTML.. that
        works too...

        However, when that perl script prints a location redirect header, LWP seems
        to take that header as the content and displays a blank page...

        So my question is this.. .is it possible to tell LWP to follow the redirect
        and collect the HTML of the resulatant location??
        (which is in this case a PHP script...)

        In other words, I am hoping there is some parameter to LWP that I can set
        that will tell it to behave more like a browser and follow the location

        if anyone knows anything about this, I'd dearly love to hear it..

        I am looking through the LWP docs as we speak, but nothing I can find seems
        to detail this...

        many thanks


      • Louis Fechter
        Hi Guys, I have a database with a perl query script. I have an HTML file which contains the following. the
        Message 3 of 3 , Oct 1, 2002
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          Hi Guys,

          I have a database with a perl query script.

          I have an HTML file which contains the following.
          <!--#exec cgi="cgi-bin/prices.pl?code=000003" -->

          the perl scrip looks like this.

          #! c:/perl -w
          use CGI;
          use DBI;

          $input=new CGI;
          $code=$input->param('code'); #product code
          $dbh=DBI->connect('DBI:mysql:furniture') || die 'ERR: connect';

          $query="SELECT price FROM benches WHERE code=?";
          print "$code <--";
          print $query;
          print "hello";
          print $sth->dump_results;
          exit 0;

          the database has stock codes and also has prices linked to the stock
          codes. Im trying to get it to print the price from knowing the stock
          code... can anyone tell me what could be wrong with the perl script ?

          It was working in offline mode - IF I entered 000003 as the stock code -
          it returned the correct price. But when running it thru the HTML page
          with the #exec it returned "0 rows"

          Help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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