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RE: [PBML] Re: a perl search question

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  • Chuck Ouellette
    I ll try that thank you for you response. Chuck ... From: b_harnish [mailto:bharnish@technologist.com] Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 4:00 PM To:
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      I'll try that thank you for you response.


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      Subject: [PBML] Re: a perl search question

      --- In perl-beginner@y..., "Chuck Ouellette" <chuck@w...> wrote:
      > Hi group,
      > I have a quick question. I have seen many sites that incorporate image
      > such as maps that they use to allow you to search a region with. How can
      > pass a value to perl using an image? (all examples of this that I have
      > done are in ASP and not perl). Here is an example of the line in an html
      > document:
      > <area shape="poly"
      > ,24,220,33,226,33,227,21,224,13,231,11,250,16" href="some_resultsne.asp"
      > alt="NorthEast" title="NorthEast" target="main">
      > In the above example I have a database that has the information in it and
      > perl script will search it just fine if I manually put in "northeast" how
      > I pass that value from the line shown above and call up the perl script?
      > I use the "href" field to call the script? And were, or what tags to I
      > include to pass the info? IE: do I continue to use "alt" and "title".
      > help would be appreciated.

      When you click on an area inside the defined (above) polygon, the web
      browser will goto the url in the href attribute ("some_resultsne.asp"). What
      you may want to do is have a href="some-resultsne.pl" that calls your
      application passing "Northeast", or have a

      - Brian

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