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Re: [PBML] Majordomo In Perl ?

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  • Gordon Stewart
    ... Thanks Jeff 1) Havnt touched C - for donkeys ages - Since school (learnt it for a 1 week period, in a primitive computer-studies course ;-) ) 2) I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2002
      At 07:16 29/08/02 -0600, you wrote:

      >"Though it might be theoretically possible to implement Majordomo on a
      >Windows NT system -- after all, Majordomo is nothing more than Perl code
      >and a small C program -- there's no known port of Majordomo to the 32-bit
      >Windows environment. And because various Majordomo features are closely
      >tied to the UNIX operating system (particularly relating to permissions
      >and working with mail-transfer agents), attempting to use Majordomo on a
      >Windows NT server would probably be more trouble than it's worth."
      >I hope this doesn't discourage you from trying, though. I'd kind of like
      >to see this implemented and shared with the world.
      >Hope this helps,
      >Jeff Eggen

      Thanks Jeff

      1) Havnt touched 'C' - for donkeys ages - Since school (learnt it for a 1
      week period, in a "primitive" computer-studies course ;-) )

      2) I'm designing it totally in Perl - No C or Win-32 stuff in it..
      So - Hopefully - It should work on Most Perl environments..

      So far, Ive extracted the "To" & "Cc" lines of emails & the headers & text..
      Cant find a way to "extract" the BCC field (even though its my pop account)..

      No worries - Can live without it ;-) - & i'm off to bed soon anyways...

      I'll assume by your email That its worth me designing it.. - Although 10
      seconds after i "release" it (if/when i do) some Perl guru will reduce it
      to a 1-line command ;-) (joking...)



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