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RE: [PBML] GET method

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  • Adrian Stovall
    just make sure that you send Content-type: application/zip n n instead of Content-type: text/html n n when you see that action with that filename
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2002
      just make sure that you send "Content-type: application/zip\n\n" instead of
      "Content-type: text/html\n\n" when you see that action with that filename
      extension...most browsers should download the file, if they know it's not
      text/viewable. As for how to send the file to the browser, read up on
      filehandles and binmode...(and the EOF character sequence)

      I don't normally use CGI.pm, so I'm sure somebody else will give you more
      thorough advice based on it's use.

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      I need to know: How do you make it so when you go to say main.pl it
      just opens the homepage, but if you go to main.pl?
      action=download&location=file.zip it downloads file.zip from the
      downloads folder? also id like to do something like main.pl?
      action=redirect&location=search and take the person to my search
      directory. I am leaving out of the country tomorrow so please send
      all the info you can and don't expect a response for a week.

      Thanx a lot!

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