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Re: [PBML] remove last 3 characters

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  • Jeff Eggen
    ... I like File::Basename, myself. ======= use File::Basename; ($file, $path, $suffix) = fileparse( /path/to/01Jan2002-23:00:02.log.gz01Jan2002-12:00:02.log
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2002
      >I have the following file: 01Jan2002.log.gz

      >and I would like to remove the last 3 characters ( .gz ) so that it
      >looks like this: 01Jan2002-12:00:02.log

      I like File::Basename, myself.


      use File::Basename;

      ($file, $path, $suffix) = fileparse("/path/to/01Jan2002-23:00:02.log.gz01Jan2002-12:00:02.log

      print $file . "\n" . $path . "\n" . "$suffix" . "\n";


      This should yield the following output:


      Hope this helps,

      Jeff Eggen
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      Saskatchewan Government Insurance
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