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PS: Re: [PBML] Sendmail help

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  • Gordon Stewart
    ... To: Cc: Cc: Do you get two copies, or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2002
      >>> cvsr4099@... 06/04/02 01:41p.m. >>>
      To: <cvsr4099\@...>
      Cc: <webmaster\@...>

      Try changing it to :-

      To: <cvsr4099\@...>
      Cc: <cvsr4099\@...>

      Do you get two copies, or one copy ?


      PS - If you get ONE copy,
      then its something wrong with the perl script / sendmail.pm file..

      :- try putting the two emails on the TO: line

      if you get TWO copies, then theres a problem with the other persons email.

      - check if their email box is full , & blocking email...
      Or they could be having other probs...

      Another person may have other suggestions...

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