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  • Charles K. Clarkson
    ... I m not sure that s a good idea. Getting it to work may not speed you up much. Going back over working code will slow you down (if you get to it at all).
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2002
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      Franki <frankieh@...> wrote:

      : but didn't know how to do the return..
      : I figured it would have to be something like this:
      : ($href_cat_list, $option_cat_list) = Category_list;
      : So I figured I'd get it to work, then worry about the semantics...

      I'm not sure that's a good idea. "Getting it to work" may not
      speed you up much. Going back over working code will slow
      you down (if you get to it at all). There is no wrong way in perl,
      but there are some better practices and idioms. Doing the
      Good Things now will speed development later.

      : I didn't know it was necessary to pass all variables to a sub,
      : but I guess that makes sense...

      It's not necessary. It's good programming. The difference is in
      the maintenance and the readability. Most good programmers
      develop certain habits that are accepted by other good
      programmers. When examining a new program they tend to
      remember these habits and, spotting them, can quickly
      determine it's purpose.
      The ideal is a subroutine should be able to be given as an
      assignment. "These are your inputs, and these are the outputs.
      Go to it, son!" By not relying on external values, we can control
      the inner working of the assignment better.

      : I want to turn this and several others from this list into a sort
      : of newbie guides, not to teach them perl, but to fix their code
      : once they have learned abit.. you guys are doing it for me, so
      : why not see if I can turn it into something useful..

      I thought of something similar with a code review process.
      I ran into a stumbling block. It seems many scripts and
      subroutines are better completely re-written. The problems
      reside in the approach AND the coding, not just the coding.


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