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RE: [PBML] From where to start????

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  • Franki
    If you have a programming background, get programming perl , if you don t have a programming background, get learning perl , and later get programming
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2002
      If you have a programming background, get "programming perl", if you don't
      have a programming background, get "learning perl", and later get
      programming perl...

      learning perl is better at explaining the basics in a simple manner..

      but programming perl is much more comprehensive. (I'm about 1/3 of the way
      through programming perl for the second time, but the first time was a skim
      read, and I have since forgotten most of what I read, so this time I read
      two pages a day.. and try to retain it permanently...)


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      > I'm new o CGI programming and Perl. Can nebuddy plzz
      > tell me from where to start. which books to refer etc.

      The recent list archive is a very good idea, we are just
      about exuasted from talking about how to go about learning


      Make sure you buy the Camel a.k.a. Programming Perl, and
      Learning Perl is also recommended by many. These are
      both (?) published by O'Reilly.

      Jonathan Paton

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