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use of \n in regex? [ was:regex to match paragraph]

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  • msws_1
    ... class. I made it: if ( param( acctinfo ) !~ /^[a-zA-Z0-9 &,# % * ( ) $ - + r n]{0,800} $/ ) { And yes, adding the r seems to have fixed it. I hadn t
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 30, 2002
      > You've probably got \r's with your \n's. Add \r to the character

      I made it:

      if ( param('acctinfo') !~ /^[a-zA-Z0-9 &,#\%\*\(\)\$\-\+\r\n]{0,800}
      $/ ) {

      And yes, adding the \r seems to have fixed it. I hadn't tried the
      \r\n prior because of something I read. In light of these suggested
      fixes, I went and found it again:



      Forbidden Characters

      Because of the way the searcher works, the following metacharacters
      should not be used, even though they are valid Perl metacharacters.

      They are:


      So is it OK or not to use these metacharacters in my matching? Not
      sure what they mean by "searcher", but they seem pretty sure you
      shouldn't use the metacharacters.

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