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  • Franki
    Apr 2, 2001
      Hi all,

      I am playing with an upload script I got off this list a week or so ago...

      it has this line... : $TempFile::TMPDIRECTORY='C:/Inetpub/wwwroot';

      I want to replace C:/Inetpub/wwwroot with $Server_path_of_images_directory

      to give me $TempFile::TMPDIRECTORY='$Server_path_of_images_directory';

      $Server_path_of_images_directory is a variable thats in another scripts
      config file, which is "required" at the start of this script,, but for some
      reason, $TempFile::TMPDIRECTORY= will not accept anything other then an
      actual path...

      is there some way I can change things so that it accepts the path?

      kindest regards

      Frank Hauptle
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      Gshop & Network Payment Solutions.

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      From: Pete Morris [mailto:petemorris@...]
      Sent: Sunday, 1 April 2001 6:48 AM
      To: perl-beginner@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [PBML] Java Script

      Steve, with all due respect I think your problem lies with your expectation
      of 'clean' service for 5GBP per month; you get what you pay for.

      The trouble with HTTP is that delivery of stuff into a page is serial; you
      can't put a <noscript> or any other potential show-stopper at the top of the
      page 'cos the server's CGI script got the last word on that. Too bad; get
      another host :-/

      However, anyone got any (legal) solutions to this one, given that the host's
      CGI will always put this JS at the top of Steve's pages? I love a puzzle.
      Pete Morris - +44(0)7887 963788

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      From: Steve <steve@...>
      To: <perl-beginner@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2001 12:53 PM
      Subject: [PBML] Java Script

      > I know this isnt to do with perl but I need help.
      > All right I have a problem with my webhosting company www.oneandone.co.uk
      > pay £5 a month and expected to get a service with out any popups. My
      > is that they insert a javascript tag at the top of my page index page
      > http://www.blacktrionix.com . Here is the code:
      > <<start of file>>
      > <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      > 'pt28JrKFSn4U','width=488,height=50');
      > </SCRIPT>
      > <head>
      > ... etc.
      > ... etc.
      > <<EOF>>
      > I was wondering if there is any way to close this window?
      > please help as I get emails every week asking me to get rid of the banner
      > any help is a preciated. If i do get your help I will but thanks on my
      > website and your homepage url.
      > PS site is under reconstruction
      > Steve
      > PSS this is just an automatic signature so if i have asked you anything
      > thanks in advance otherwise just mailme back asap
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