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26968Re: [PBML] Counting the number of occurances of all paragraphs in a file

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    Jul 20, 2010
      >>>>> "Prateek" == Prateek Mathur <hiprateek007@...> writes:

      Prateek> Let me know how can I do this Perl. I came across the split
      Prateek> function but then that has to be used for every paragraphs and
      Prateek> the text file can be very big as well to store in a single
      Prateek> array. Also many paragraphs will appear only once which are
      Prateek> not to be considered.

      Set the value of $/ to "", then your filehandle reads will automatically
      be broken into paragraphs. Using the normal means of counting, you can
      then count each paragraph, and deliver a summary once the reading is

      If this didn't smell like homework, I'd finish it for you.

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