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26327Re: [PBML] "requires explicit package name"

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    Aug 4, 2008
      >>>>> "barjesse37" == barjesse37 <barjesse37@...> writes:

      barjesse37> My difficulty is this:
      barjesse37> In this code

      barjesse37> foreach my $coded (sort keys %main::codestructure) {
      barjesse37> foreach my $wording (sort $main::codestructure{@coded}) {
      barjesse37> print "\t\t$coded\t$wording\n";
      barjesse37> print "\n";
      barjesse37> };
      barjesse37> };

      barjesse37> I receive this error

      barjesse37> Global symbol "@coded" requires explicit package name at codest08.pl
      barjesse37> line 111.

      Yes. Where is the declaration for @coded, which has nothign to do with
      your $coded. Perl is rightfully being annoyed.

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