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22502Re: [PBML] Question about using packages

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    Dec 30, 2005
      >>>>> "Lou" == Lou Hernsen <lhernsen1015@...> writes:

      Lou> I guess what I can do is this...
      Lou> I will call a package from the main program
      Lou> That package will open the player .DB and get the Location.
      Lou> and then.... the maddness follows ---- Brew hahahahaha!
      Lou> Time to sleep now... maybe I will "dream" the answer..the nightmare is below!

      Lou> ( better than the 10,000+ lines of code in the last version of this program!)

      And this is a broken design.

      You want to capture the *similarities* as code, and the *differences*
      as data. You're trying to use the code-inclusion facilities to manage

      There should not be something that require's different files based on
      data. Your "require" should be constant, not variable.

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