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20088Re: [PBML] Re: Compact digital range RexEx - And complement?

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  • J.E. Cripps
    Dec 1, 2004
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      On Wed, 1 Dec 2004, Allan Dystrup wrote:

      > Yes i can follow your line of reasoning here, step by step building up
      > the "negated" Regex'es. ...
      > It is workable (actually more 'work' than 'able' to my taste...), so
      > what i was really looking for was a built-in Regex
      > operator/metacharacter like [^ ] for char. classes or (?! ) for
      > lookahead, a feature that would just "invert" any given Regex, so to
      > speak.

      everything I've seen indicates that there isn't any such feature,
      and the complementing a regexp tends to be laborious, messy or both

      another error in a previous message of mine:

      > > (C^[X])(\d{3})| # match the initial C

      the ^ should be _inside_ the [ ], i.e.


      > > (J^[ABYZ]))(\d{1})| # match J followed by

      which should be

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