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18489Re: [PBML] Re: Spam / Mail / CGI Script

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  • Emanuel G Calso
    Apr 1, 2004
      ja, i even almost fell for it once, cause they said PHP is much easier to
      learn... but really, what would you want? Something easier to learn, or
      something easier to use.
      I hate other online PERL tutorials for newbies that sometimes advices people
      to skip learning PERL, and just use PHP if they're gonna use it for sites.
      But that's just my small grain of bitterness...
      On Thursday 2004 April 01 22:55, Brad Lhotsky wrote:
      > On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 03:46:42AM -0800, gordon stewart wrote:
      > > Anything that involves processing, I use Perl for :)
      > > (However im increasing my PHP use) ...
      > Why? PHP is still try to catch up to Perl's functionality. I've found
      > that PHP tends to plateau as the program gets more involved. Its great
      > for simple stuff, but the second you have to parse an excel spreadsheet,
      > run for the hills! That, and the lack of lexical scope and a real OO
      > interface force you to rewrite code or take the long way around simple
      > problems.
      > Its unfortunate that so many perl newbies jump ship for PHP.
      eman calso
      This fortune is inoperative. Please try another.
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