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18485Re: [PBML] Re: Spam / Mail / CGI Script

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  • merlyn@stonehenge.com
    Apr 1, 2004
      >>>>> "gordon" == gordon stewart <gordonisnz@...> writes:

      gordon> Ive got all sorts of CGI/Perl cron-jobs - to run
      gordon> processes & an email-list system (eg like yahoogroups)
      gordon> but on my own server - No forms & web involved..)

      Why do you keep saying CGI/Perl? Do you mean you are launching
      a Perl script (no CGI involved) from cron? Or do you have a cron
      job that uses LWP to trigger a remote CGI script?

      CGI = mechanism for writing programs to respond to <form action=...>
      Perl = a general purpose programming language, for both web and non-web

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