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1024Re: [PBML] Telnet Client or CRT Help?

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  • Gerrit P. Haase
    Nov 12 4:05 AM
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      <7 Nov 2000, 18:57 Uhr wars, als EleqTrizi'T folgendes schrub:>
      < [PBML] Telnet Client or CRT Help? >

      Hi Eleq,

      > I'm a relative newcomer to Perl, but have done a bit of programming
      > in it already. I was wondering how I would go about programming a
      > Telnet Client in Perl that could interface with say....a BBS?

      Try to use the module Net::Telnet, Copyright by Jay Rogers.

      perldoc Net::Telnet
      man Net::Telnet

      otherwise: http://search.cpan.org


      - gph -

      Gerrit Peter Haase
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