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  • Ken Arck
    Apr 27, 2002
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      >Great subject, Ken. Very descriptive.

      <---Sorry about that. :)

      >What form is the date in the scalar? Is it a serial or a date
      >formatted to mm/dd/yy?

      I'm extracting using the usual method:


      and then formatting in various ways in order to build HTML. Then, I'm
      building yesterday's date with:

      $yesterday = time() - ( 24 * 60 * 60 );

      ($ysec,$ymin,$yhour,$ymday,$ymon,$yyear,$ywday,$yday,$yisdst) =

      The logfile I'm wanting to parse has multiple lines, each in the format below:

      04/25/02 , 10:22:22 , 50.0, F , 99.99, MPH, South ,180.0 , 0

      >I can't give you much more without some code. Can you
      >show what you tried so far? And what is in the scalar?

      The code is a bit much to post line-by-line. I've attached the
      file...zipped of course :)

      It's not the most elegant and it's far from done. I've been working on HTML
      formatting in the code as well, but that's an easily ignored issue, as my
      main problem is the log parsing for lines with yesterday's date.

      If you need, I can explain what I am trying to do (if you can't figure it
      out from the code <g>).

      Thanks in advance,


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