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Re: [pepysdiary] ODNB - [Buckingham's Astrologer] Heydon, John (b. 1629, d. in or after 1670),

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  • Nick Balmer
    Hello, Thanks for posting this article. I have been interested in John Heydon for several years. One of my 10 x gt grandfather s, Sir John Baber appears to
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      Thanks for posting this article. I have been interested in John Heydon for several years.
      One of my 10 x gt grandfather's, Sir John Baber appears to have been involved in throwing Heydon into the Tower.
      April 14. Petition of Dr. John Heydon to Lord Arlington, for restitution of watches, clocks, sword, and other things taken from him by Capt. Gibert Thomas and his assistants, under a warrant from his lordship. Capt. Thomas was entreated to restore the things, of which a list is subjoined; this he promised, upon receiving a full discharge, especially many books and MSS. specified, borrowed from persons named; but nothing has been performed, and it is to as much purpose to petition tigers; it has no other effect than to enrage them the more; he threatens to cut and kill whom he pleases, pretending his lordship's warrant justifies all his actions. Names witnesses who can prove these and other acts of Capt. Thomas, his insolence to mariners, putting false glosses on things, &c. With order thereon by Williamson, that Capt. Thomas is to give Lord Arlington a full and distinct answer to this complaint in writing, and restore what he has. Endorsed with a note that Heydon desired to be heard by Justice Newland, Justice Squibb, or Sir Rob. Howard, and not by Justice Baber as Thomas desires. [Ibid. No. 101.] April 14. Capt. Gilbert Thomas, marshal, to [Williamson ?]. Vindicates him-self from the charge of having stolen the watch, &c., of John Heydon, who was sent prisoner to the Tower, but refused to appear on oath before Sir John Baber. Has searched his former rooms for seditious papers or warrants, with Mr. Ward, alias Williams, and the constable and Abraham Webber searched the house of Joan Chidley, where Heydon lodged a week. With marginal note of the falsity of some of the statements in the letter. [1 ½ pages. S.P. Dom., Car. II. 238, No. 102.]
      Drom British History Online April 1668.
      Sir John was a Royal Physician, and also a Magistrate who lived in Covent Garden, so this is presumably why he was involved with Heydon.
      Nick Balmer
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