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Pepys's world OED reference for Earth Day

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  • Terry Foreman
    renewable, adj. and n. A. adj. 1. Capable of being renewed. 1661 R. BOYLE Hist. Fluidity & Firmness II. in Certain Physiol. Ess. 202 The Question would recur
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      renewable, adj. and n.

      A. adj.

      1. Capable of being renewed.
      1661 R. BOYLE Hist. Fluidity & Firmness II. in Certain Physiol. Ess. 202
      The Question would recur concerning them, and be still renewable in
      infinitum. 1727 R. BRADLEY Family Dict. at Diascordium, The Colour is
      indeed renewable by a little fresh Bole. 1779 Sylph II. 174 Heaven, who has
      given us renewable affections. 1817 J. MILL Hist. Brit. India I. II. v. 192
      The great estates, in Ireland for example, let under leases perpetually
      renewable. 1864 J. BRIGHT Speech on Permiss. Bill 8 June (1876) 512 The
      licence is renewable from year to year. 1874 J. L. MOTLEY John of Barneveld
      II. xiii. 104 A twenty years' peace, renewable by agreement..had been
      negotiated. 1911 Times 16 Feb. 5/1 The treaty was renewable by decades.
      1956 A. VALENTINE Trial Balance II. xii. 245 It did not enter his mind that
      friendships so casual and easily renewable could be had only with people
      like himself. 2001 Big Issue 20 Aug. 41/2 (advt.) This post is on a
      renewable 9 month contract and carries a GOQ under the Sex Discrimination Act.

      2. spec. Of a natural resource or source of energy: capable of being
      replenished, not depleted by its utilization. Freq. in renewable energy.
      1869 Chambers's Encycl. X. 471/2 Coal is not a growth annually renewable,
      but an accumulation which we are gradually spending. 1909 Science 9 Apr.
      573/2 Second, reproducible or renewable energy, like the power supplied by
      horses and other domestic animals. 1949 Sci. Monthly Apr. 258/2 The impetus
      thus given to the replacement of petroleum by a renewable source of energy
      might lead to the utilization of other plant material. 1972 L. ROCKS & R.
      P. RUNYON Energy Crisis 8 We have already expanded in numbers and living
      standard far beyond the capacity of our most accessible and renewable
      energy source [sc. flowing water] to sustain us even in the present. 1991
      J. MANDER In Absence of Sacred II. vii. 131 Logging companies known for
      their clear-cutting practices will run..ads about their 'tree farms', as if
      they were interested in renewable resources. 1998 Chicago Tribune 19 Jan.
      IV. 4/6 Illinois' new law..guarantees that $5 million a year will go to
      subsidize renewable energy starting in 2002. 1999 J. R. NICOLSON Shetland
      Fishermen 146 The oilfields around Shetland will run dry eventually but the
      fish stocks are renewable.

      B. n. Usu. in pl. A renewable natural resource or source of energy,
      such as water, wind, or solar power.
      1957 Jrnl. Educ. Sociol. 30 346 Natural resources include:
      Renewables{em}soil, water, plant and animal life;
      Non-renewables{em}minerals, chemicals. 1980 Times 22 Aug. 10/2 The CEGB
      decision to take the first commercial steps for wind-powered electricity
      makes it easier..to take renewables seriously. 1990 C. ROSE Dirty Man of
      Europe (1991) xi. 288 Technologies such as..flue-gas decarbonisation..and
      renewables such as wave and wind power could provide a 5.5 GW contribution
      saving 17 million tonnes of CO2. 2008 Guardian 2 May 43/5 The oil giants
      are recarbonising, wilfully choosing to forget both global warming
      imperatives and the need for renewables in national security terms.
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