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Two 'recent' publications on Restoraton warships / navy ...

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    The Restoration Warship: The Design, Construction and Career of a Third Rate of Charles II s Navy Superbly researched and expertly illustrated, this study
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      The Restoration Warship: The Design, Construction and Career of a Third Rate of Charles II's Navy
      Superbly researched and expertly illustrated, this study offers one of the most detailed building and career histories of a ship ever written, the third rate of Charles II's Restoration Navy. The author focuses on HMS Lenox, a 44-gun two-decker third rate built in 1677 during the Anglo-Dutch Wars and also in response to Louis XIV's massive naval expansion program. After twelve years of research and writing, the author provides a comprehensive history of seventeenth-century ship design and construction techniques and the armament and fitting of the vessel. He offers a broad picture of the day-to-day workings of the Deptford dockyard where the Lenox was built and details of the techniques, trade, and tools of the shipwrights along with a keen insight into the workings of a naval administration under Samuel Pepys. 200 color & b/w illustrations.

      Or from the publisher:

      Pepy's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation, 1649-1689
      All aspects of the English navy in the second half of the seventeenth century are comprehensively described in this book by one of Britain's leading authorities of a period that witnessed the creation of a permanent naval service. From the time when the Fleet Royal was taken into Parliamentary control until 1689, when war with the Dutch came to an end, the navy's ships, shipbuilding, dockyards and bases, seamanship, and gunnery are covered, along with details of its administration, recruitment practices, and shipboard life. One of the book's most significant players is Samuel Pepys, whose tireless work over thirty years did so much to develop systems for construction and administration that prepared the navy for its global struggle with the French. This book will appeal to scholar and layman alike.

      Dr. J. David Davies is the author of the critically acclaimed Gentlemen and Tarpaulins and chairman of the Naval Dockyards Society in Great Britain.


      Or from the publisher:
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