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Re: [pepysdiary] Josselin, Ralph (1617–1683), Chur ch of England clergyman and diarist,

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  • Susan Thomas
    Many thanks for sharing this link - most interesting biography. I noted the comment of the writer But in seeking explanations for why God took away his
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      Many thanks for sharing this link - most interesting biography. I noted the comment of the writer "But in seeking explanations for why God took away his ten-day-old son Ralph, Josselin opens a window on to another world when he finds the explanation in a punishment for his playing too much chess. As his references to a monstrous birth and parishioners who had seen the devil reveal, for all the intimate familiarity of his family life, Josselin inhabited a very different mental world." In the light of P. Robertson's remarks about Haitians' pact with the devil (so-called) "causing" the earthquake, maybe the mindset is not so different for some people. C.f. some people in the UK blaming the lightening strike and subsequent fire at York Minster in the 1980s on the appointment of the 'unGodly' [sic] Bp. of Durham.


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      Josselin, Ralph (1617–1683), Church of England clergyman and diarist, was born on 26 January 1617 at Roxwell in Essex, the first son and third child of John Josselin (d. 1636), farmer, and his wife, who was probably called Anne.

      Education and early career
      Josselin's early education was at Bishop's Stortford. By his own account he was an eager pupil, with a special love of books and histories, both secular and biblical. From his early days, he claimed, he showed a desire to become a clergyman. He loved to hear ministers preach and afterwards to imitate them—`acting in corners' (Diary, 1)—and to walk home solitarily to meditate on the sermon. His mother died in 1624 when he was not yet eight and when Josselin was in his early teens his father—an unsuccessful farmer—married again. Josselin seems not to have got on with his stepmother and in 1633 he was sent to Jesus College, Cambridge. Despite interruptions to his studies caused by lack of money, he received his BA in 1636–7 (and his MA in 1640). His father died in 1636. Having toyed with thoughts of becoming either a farmer or a lawyer, Josselin decided on a career in the church, and spent the next three years trying to support himself in a succession of posts as schoolteacher and curate. In March 1641 he became vicar of the parish of Earls Colne, Essex, where he was to spend the rest of his life.

      ODNB 'Life' continued at:

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