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Re: Site News: Mark annotations for attention

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  • Michael Robinson
    Phil: Thank you once again for your technical creativity, ingenuity and, not least, the ceaseless work. Michael ... time ago. ... to my ... necessary ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2008

      Thank you once again for your technical creativity, ingenuity and, not
      least, the ceaseless work.


      --- In pepysdiary@yahoogroups.com, Phil Gyford <lists@...> wrote:
      > http://www.pepysdiary.com/about/archive/2008/10/15/9094.php
      > Keeping the annotations tidy requires occasional tending. Despite all
      > the spam filters a few spam annotations get through occasionally, and
      > these only get deleted when someone notices them and emails me. And
      > occasionally there are accidentally duplicated annotations which need
      > tidying up. Also, an unfortunate number of annotations have been
      > truncated during past database moves.
      > So, many thanks to those who have doing a fine job at calling my
      > attention to such things, particularly Todd, Terry and Dirk.
      > I've now added a little thing to make it easier for people to mark
      > annotations for attention and easier for me to deal with them. At the
      > top of each annotation is a little "Flag this" link. Try clicking one
      > (I've posted an example annotation below which you can try). You'll see
      > a screen that lets you flag an annotation with one of the following:
      > * Spam
      > If it's one of the many, and increasingly bizarre, spams.
      > * Truncated
      > If the annotation disappears abruptly (usually at an apostrophe or
      > similar punctuation mark). These are usually annotations from some
      time ago.
      > * Duplicated
      > If there are two identical annotations, usually next to each other, you
      > can flag one of them.
      > * Off-topic
      > If an annotation is flagrantly off-topic and you'd like to draw it
      to my
      > attention. It might not need deletion, more of a nudge from me to the
      > author.
      > * Edit required
      > If an annotation, probably one of your own, needs something corrected.
      > Unfortunately there's no other way to do this, so this is how.
      > * Other
      > If there's another reason, you're just not sure which category this
      > falls into, choose this.
      > You can optionally add an explanation, although it's often not
      > (say, for obvious spam). And you can include your name and email
      > if you like, which may be useful if it's something we might need to
      > If you change your mind, just hit the `Cancel' button and you'll be
      > taken back to where you were, no harm done!
      > An annotation can only be flagged once so the "Flag this" link won't
      > disappear if someone's got there ahead of you. You can assume I'll deal
      > with it soon.
      > This should all make it easier and quicker for anyone to bring this
      > stuff to my attention, and easier and quicker for me to deal with it.
      > Which should make the place more pleasant for everyone.
      > Do let me know if you find any problems or have any other comments.
      > Phil
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