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Collect Britain is moving

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  • Terry Foreman
    bllogo.gif Collect Britain is moving The rich selection of digitised historic content on the British Library s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2008


      Collect Britain is moving

      The rich selection of digitised historic content on the British Library's Collect Britain website will be moving home in the very near future.

      When Collect Britain went live in 2003 it opened up online access to an unprecedented range of British Library content. Since then the Library has developed new and more extensive websites that are better configured to meet the demands of the material and the developing needs of its users. We are therefore migrating the content to these newer sites.

      Much of the Collect Britain functionality, and the virtual exhibitions and themed tours, will also be moving across to the new sites, though in some cases (such as registration) with an interruption in availability.

      All of the content will continue to be available free of charge.

      The Collect Britain site itself will close down at the end of September 2008.

      The following image-based collections will move to the Library's Online Gallery, where they will be live by early October 2008:

      • Asia, Pacific and Africa collections
      • Caribbean views
      • Deptford plans and drawings
      • Early photographically illustrated books
      • Evanion collection of ephemera
      • Illuminated manuscripts
      • Kensington Turnpike Trust drawings
      • King George III topographical collection
      • London in maps: the Crace collection
      • Ordnance Survey drawings
      • Philatelic rarities
      • The unveiling of Britain
      • Topographical drawings
      • Victorian popular music

      Moving the images to the Online Gallery will place them alongside other British Library visual material, including some of our greatest treasures. Users will also benefit from an improved zoom facility.

      The Collect Britain audio collections ('Accents and dialects', 'British wildlife recordings', and 'Wax cylinder recordings') will move to the Library's Archival Sound Recordings website. They will be the first of a growing range of recordings that can be played by anyone. Licensing restrictions mean that only people in UK higher and further education or the Library's Reading Rooms can listen to the existing recordings on the site.

      The Penny Illustrated Paper collection is moving to the Library's new public newspapers website, where it will join over two million pages of digitised newspapers from the nineteenth century and earlier. While much of this content will be available on a 'pay as you go' basis, viewing Penny Illustrated Paper articles will remain free of charge. The new website will be available at http://newspapers.bl.uk by the end 2008.

      The Collect Britain virtual exhibitions ('Caribbean views', 'Expressions of faith', 'Durham: echoes of power', 'Grimm's Northumberland sketchbooks', and 'Literary landscapes') will be available on the Library's Online Gallery from early October 2008.

      The Collect Britain themed tours ('On the trig', 'Lost gardens', and 'The old East End') will be available on the Library's Online Gallery in future months. In the meantime, the UK Web Archiving Consortium website holds archived versions of 'Lost gardens' and 'The Old East End'.

      The UK postcode search on Collect Britain will be transferred to the British Library Online Gallery from early October 2008. Map searching will follow later.

      The personal folders feature has been used by a tiny minority of Collect Britain users. However we hope to make a similar facility available on the Online Gallery in due course.

      We are grateful to everyone who has helped to make Collect Britain a success over the last five years - whether through funding the project, helping to develop it, or through viewing the content available. The most important benefit of the site has been in providing access to little-known gems of the British Library's collection. Moving the material to more suitable websites ensures that it will continue to be available in the years to come.

      Please contact us at webeditor@... if you have any queries about the move of the Collect Britain content and features.


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