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Re: [pepysdiary] Kit's blogging for Obama!

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  • Phil Gyford
    I think that was the case this time, and it s easily done. A reminder to us all to be extra careful when doing this kind of thing! Phil
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2008
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      I think that was the case this time, and it's easily done. A reminder to
      us all to be extra careful when doing this kind of thing!


      On 2008-07-29 21:41, Shawn Laasch wrote:
      > Phil,
      > I moderate a local Freecycle group and have been seeing more and more
      > of these -- what happens is that a subscriber lets a web site
      > (Facebook, etc) send out invitations to contacts in someone's address
      > book. Kit likely didn't realize that it was going to happen and might
      > not even have had an opportunity to exclude an address. Maybe I'm
      > giving too much of a benefit of the doubt.
      > This is one of the many annoyances of the modern internet. On the
      > other hand, we can follow Samuel's life easily. It's a trade-off :-)
      > As always, thank you so much for everything you do.
      > --Shawn
      > On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 3:36 PM, Phil Gyford <lists@...> wrote:
      >> Kit,
      >> Thanks for your email, but please keep posts to this group on-topic, ie
      >> related to Pepys.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Phil
      >> On 2008-07-29 21:22, dustrat@... wrote:
      >>> I'm letting my friends and acquaintances know that I've joined with
      >>> other people from all over the country in a commitment to blog once
      >>> weekly for Barack Obama over the next ten weeks. Since I'm a novelist, a
      >>> feminist, a church-going Christian, the parent of disabled children, a
      >>> Democrat, and a Barack Obama enthusiast, I hope these blog entries will
      >>> be interesting to some of you, worth reading and perhaps worth
      >>> forwarding. Though I will touch on Obama's policy positions and what's
      >>> going on in the wider campaign, chiefly I'll be writing about my
      >>> personal experiences: how I came to support Barack Obama, my
      >>> observations and feelings as we draw closer to election day, and my
      >>> participation in his campaign.
      >>> If you know people who have worries or misunderstandings about how
      >>> Barack Obama might deal with specific issues, please let me know so that
      >>> I can find relevant and helpful information and get it to those people.
      >>> You can read my blog at:
      >>> http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/kitlovesnuance
      >>> Thanks,
      >>> Kit Sturtevant-Stuart
      >>> ----------------------------------------------------------
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