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Re: [pepysdiary] We seem to be on/ahead of the cutting edge of theory and 'reading practice.'

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  • Susan Thomas
    Interesting. Interesting. A quote from the full article caught my attention: So too, when we read a novel, we create our channel through it. Which is why my
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2007
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      Interesting. Interesting. A quote from the full article caught my attention:
      "So too, when we read a novel, we create our channel through it. Which
      is why my Da Vinci Code is different from your Da Vinci Code and each of
      ours are different from the five million others. Dan Brown's novel
      should be seen as a gigantic piece of Emmental, with millions of
      wormholes threading through it." But if you read Jasper Fforde as well
      as William Gibson (which I do), you will know that what is really true
      is that books exist in their own world......Or to revert to Terry
      Prachett, - technology is becoming more and more like magic. We have
      created a world where almost all of us use technology we cannot possibly
      hope to understand and we lose control of our lives. An example:
      shopping used to end with someone working out by arithmetic how much we
      owed the shop and how much change we needed from the notes and coins we
      gave the assistant. Now, a check out person scans the items in front of
      a machine and is told how much is owed by the customer and how much
      change to give. The only skill required is "recognition of the cardinal
      numbers, a minimal attention span and a rather greater capacity for
      concentrated tolerance of boredom"(Eric Howsbawm). So perhaps part of
      the desire of NodeMan or should I say NodePerson, is to create control
      or direction. As we all have different Sams in our heads as we read The
      Diary and write about different Sams when we annotate. (Something like
      this happens in Gibson's Pattern Recognition, but with film.

      Michael Robinson wrote:
      > A new science fiction novel is threatening to completely overhaul the
      > way literary criticism is conducted, claims John Sutherland
      > "Any contemporary novel today has a kind of Google novel aura around
      > it, where somebody's going to google everything in the text ...
      > there's this nebulous extended text. Everything is hyperlinked now.
      > What the author is outlining here is the theory of a new and
      > innovatively creative reading practice."
      > Node-man, a Gibson fan, has duly set up a website with the devotional
      > URL node.tumblr.com. Node-man also got a very early copy of Spook
      > Country. The fan is unidentified: Gibson knows who he is, and says he
      > lives in small-town USA and wants, apparently, to stay anonymous.
      > Node-man mobilised a volunteer army of fellow enthusiasts and set out
      > to create what Gibson above terms the "Google aura", or what he
      > prefers to call the critical "cloud" that hovers over every work of
      > literature. We can now "map" this in ways we never could before -
      > thanks to Messrs Google and Wikipedia.
      > What this means, at the basic level, is a new kind of annotation.
      > Full Text:
      > http://books.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,2159309,00.html
      > <http://books.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,2159309,00.html>
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