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Fwd: Re: NYTimes.com: Hamptons' 17th-century Fishing Practices in Peril

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  • Terry Foreman
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2007
      >Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 18:15:16 -0000
      >From: "kimoliver812001" <kimoliver812001@...>
      >To: Terry Foreman <terry.foreman@...>
      >Subject: Re: NYTimes.com: Hamptons' 17th-century Fishing Practices in Peril
      >I live here - Acobonac, The Springs (actually Springs Fireplace.
      >The nets mentioned in this article are one street from my home.
      >They are set out in spring and attended to all summer.
      >Round Swamp Farm - the most expensive place in the world. The farm
      >may be 300 years old, owned by the same family, but they sure
      >learned the rich folks way. They sell $3.00 tomatos, $4.00 for a
      >baguette of bread, and astronomical prices on all and anything that
      >is sold here. Last week the special price for fingerling lobsters
      >(1 pound lobsters) were $12.00 each - this is live, uncooked,
      >unprepared tiny lobsters).
      >Amazing to see my view of the fishing nets in Gardiner's Bay in
      >Pepy's Diary! Wow. By the way, this area of the Hamptons is truly
      >the wrong side of the tracks. We are so far on the wrong side of
      >the tracks that it is another world. If you travel as far as you
      >can away from the Village of East Hampton on Old House Landing, and
      >travel until you come to the end of the road, you will be in
      >Gardiner's Bay. What a magnificent view!
      >Unfortunately, this area is changing too. More and more people,
      >getting priced out of the "good" areas of East Hampton are coming
      >here. My street, which once had just a few houses, now has almost
      >20. These houses are getting bigger and fancier too. I guess
      >everything must change. Sad though.
      >Kim Oliver
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      > > NEW YORK REGION | July 7, 2007
      > > <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/07/nyregion/07summer.html?
      > > Rituals | Endangered Bonackers: Hamptons' Centuries-Old Fishing
      > > in Peril
      > > For more than 350 years, fishermen known as Bonackers have fished
      > > farmed and served homes and businesses.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > 2007 <http://www.nytco.com/>The<http://www.nytco.com/> New York
      >Times Company
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