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Re: [pepysdiary] Pepys meet-up, September 15th

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  • Pauline Benson
    Thank you, Phil, and you too, Todd. I too always imagined a Halfway Party in January 2008. (Meet up at the Halfway House and take it from there?) Your
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 27 1:04 PM
      Thank you, Phil, and you too, Todd.
      I too always imagined a Halfway Party in January 2008.  (Meet up at the Halfway House and take it from there?)
      Your suggestions are great, Todd. I hope there is interest and discussion.
      And it would serve as research and dress-rehearsal for something rather grand when we come to end of the diary.

      On 6/27/07, Todd Bernhardt <beat_town@...
      > wrote:

      Thanks for passing along this info, Phil. It sounds like a great time of year to get together,
      esp. with the building openings, etc. I won't be able to make it, because I will have just started
      a new job...

      ...HOWEVER -- it did prompt me to bring up something I've been considering for a while. This
      coming January will be (more or less) the halfway point in the Diary ... by then, we will have
      been at this for five years. (It hardly seems possible, doesn't it?)

      I was thinking that this could be a good time for annotators all over the world to meet in London,
      fete (phete?) Phil for all his Philanthropic efforts on our behalf, do Glyn's walks through
      London, maybe take a day trip to Cambridge/Brampton, and generally get together for a good time.
      Travel and lodging prices would be relatively cheap at that time of year, and with enough planning
      and discussion, perhaps we could get a large number of people there.

      What do you all think?

      --- Phil Gyford <lists@...> wrote:

      > http://www.pepysdiary.com/about/archive/2007/06/27/7690.php
      > I've been very bad at organising another get-together for anyone who
      > can make it. But Glyn Thomas has gently badgered me enough and has a
      > good suggestion:
      > Every September, hundreds of buildings throughout the city that
      > are normally either closed to the public or charge an admission fee
      > are opened for free - it's become one of the city's most popular
      > annual events. This year London Open House
      > < http://www.londonopenhouse.org/> weekend is on 15th and 16th
      > September, and details of the places that can be visited will be
      > published in mid-August. No doubt some of them will have a Pepysian
      > connection as, for example, in previous years these have included the
      > Government Treasury Offices on the site where Pepys once lived, the
      > Crypt of the Guildhall which has a stained glass window in his
      > memory, and Trinity House of which he was a director.
      > It seems a good time to hold the second of our "annual" Pepys
      > meetings, in this case at The Samuel Pepys
      > < http://www.thesamuelpepys.co.uk/aboutus/ > in Stew Lane, 48 Upper
      > Thames Street, London, from 2pm on Saturday 15th September.
      > So, put it in your diaries and I hope some of you can make it! The
      > only downside is that I won't be able to make it myself as I'm away
      > at a wedding that weekend. But tying it in with Open House weekend
      > sounds a good plan for those who would be making a special trip to
      > London and we have several years left if, for some reason, you're
      > desperate to meet me!
      > --
      > Phil Gyford
      > http://www.gyford.com/

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