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Re: [pepysdiary] Possible Addition to Site News as We Wrap Up:

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  • Pauline Benson
    Cool! Thanks much!
    Message 1 of 3 , May 15, 2012
      Cool! Thanks much!

      On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 3:16 AM, Phil Gyford <lists@...> wrote:


      Good idea Pauline - that occurred to me a while ago but I'd forgotten all about it. I'll post something at the weekend, so get your thinking (or remembering) caps on!

      Sorry about the Movable Type search errors... it's never been that super and I fear it's groaning under the amount of content these days.

      An alternative is to search on Google, and restrict the search to the Pepys site. eg, search for:

      site:pepysdiary.com "Axe Yard"

      Hope that helps,

      On 15 May, 2012, at 04:35, Pauline Benson wrote:

      Dear Phil,

      Could we also have a space to all come with moments we remember most in the diary or in our reading together (annotating)?

      Maybe called My Favorite Moment or This I'll Most Remember of This Time Together or Favorite Things in There Diary Years Together.

      Meanwhile I am trying to search one of mine, but Movable Type just incurs errors:  "an error occurred."  Search instructions welcome!

      Phil, deep thanks,

      Phil Gyford

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