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1600Re: 11 new British TV dramas you won't want to miss this autumn incl. The Great Fire, ITV

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  • ian74889
    Aug 16, 2014
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      "As every schoolchild knows, a fire began in a bakery in Pudding Lane in 1666 and ravaged great swathes of the City."


      Indeed you are sadly misinformed, Terry. Thanks to a National Curriculum that has long excised the 17th century entirely from primary history I think it is fair to say that only a few young pupils, and those from independent schools that can sidestep the NC, know about this. I taught the 17th century to year 6 classes three times in the 2000s, and of course I'm sure they remember every detail!


      Secondary school pupils (or 'students' as they are now known) existed on a diet of Hitler and Henry VIII until recently. Perhaps things will change now the new NC has come in, but I doubt the Great Fire will feature prominently in any secondary course on the 17th century.

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