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1486Site News: Pepys marriage event at St Olave's

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  • Phil Gyford
    Oct 6, 2013

      St Olave's church, the Pepys' local church during the diary period, is hosting an event run by Unity Arts on the evening of Thursday. 10th October 2013, focused around Samuel and Elizabeth's marriage:

      > Coming out of research for a unique Elizabeth Pepys walking tour and in conjunction with “The Pepys’ Church” , St. Olave’s, Unity Arts will be presenting their portrait of a 17th century marriage on the day of the Pepys’ Anniversary.
      > Using readings from Samuel Pepys’ Diary, imagined entries from Elizabeth Pepys’ diary, music from the time and a talk from the author of <cite>The Journal of Mrs Pepys - The Portrait of A Marriage</cite>, Sara George, the evening aims to illustrate a sometimes tempestuous but loving partnership.
      >This is the second of a series of events open to the public where the lives of women of the 17th century are shown in an interactive and interesting way.

      Free tickets are available on the Eventbrite page: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/8380457173 .

      Phil Gyford