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1406Re: [pepysdiary] Re: Help! Little bits of research!

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  • Davis Johnson
    May 28 4:20 PM
      Google "ropewalk" there is, of course, a wikipedia article:

      googling "ropewalk london" mainly gets hits for a modern food court... But there had to be at least one in or near London in Sam's day.

      On 5/28/2013 6:14 PM, glyn_thomas123 wrote:

      Yes, they still locked the city gates around about 9 o'clock. For instance, travellers who arrived too late would have to stay in the inns in Southwark before the gate on London bridge opened in the morning. Pepys was once locked out of the bridge on Fleet Street and did bribe the gate keeper to let him in.

      I don't know who made ropes, although they needed a lot of room, you had to stretch them out for hundreds of feet, which took an awful lot of space. I doubt if you needed any special rope to hang someone.

      There's was a shortage of small change throughout the 1660s and much later because it wasn't profitable for the Mint to make it, so pubs often produced their own tokens that could only be spent in that particular pub. I'm guessing a pint of beer would cost a farthing (A quarter of a penny), but that's just a guess.


      --- In pepysdiary@yahoogroups.com, "plaguey1" <c.c.humphreys@...> wrote:
      > Hello All!
      > I haven't been on for a while You may remember me as the man who is writing a novel based on the Great Plague.
      > The good news is I did get a Peyps mention in. The bad is that I haven't managed to find out all sorts of niggling little points. Can anyone answer the following:
      > 1665 Prices for:
      > - A pint of beer
      > - a link (not to hire the boy, just the wand)
      > - Wherry fares (e.g. Billingsgate to Essex Stairs)
      > - Flowers
      > - whores (sorry, and would probably depend on area. Sorry again - St Giles?)
      > Also:
      > any good links to the Trained Bands?
      > who would have made nooses? was there a Company of Ropewrights?
      > Did they still lock the city gates in 1665? if so, what time? Could you bribe your way in? Scramble over a ruin?
      > That will do for now. Thanks for any help!
      > Plaguey1

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