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Nell Gwynn and Sam Pepys - coming soon!

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  • gillianbagwell
    Hi, fellow fans of Pepys, I m excited to tell you that my novel The Darling Strumpet, based on the life of Nell Gwynn, will be published January 4 by Berkley
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2010
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      Hi, fellow fans of Pepys,

      I'm excited to tell you that my novel "The Darling Strumpet," based on the life of Nell Gwynn, will be published January 4 by Berkley Publishing Group!

      Sam Pepys was a friend and admirer of Nell, and he makes several appearances in the book, many of them in interactions he mentions in the diary. I'm very grateful to him for mentions and reviews of Nell's performances which would otherwise have been lost, and grateful to Phil for the diary site.

      Early reviews and response from bloggers who received advance copies of "The Darling Strumpet" are just starting to come in, and it's encouraging and thrilling!

      Amy Phillips Bruno of Passages to the Past said "Just wanted to let you know that I finished 'The Darling Strumpet' and have to say BRAVO! It was FABULOUS on so many levels and I couldn't put it down!!!! You have an amazing talent and thank goodness we readers get to benefit from it!!"

      In addition to the lovely quote that author Leslie Carroll gave me for the cover, when she introduced my article on History Hoydens (http://www.historyhoydens.blogspot.com), she said, "I think that Gillian hit it out of the park on her first at-bat, not only because she wrote an exceptional novel about one of my favorite women in history, but because ... her publisher's art department gave her one of the most eye-catching (to say the least) covers to ever grace a work of historical fiction."

      As 2010 is the 350th anniversary of the Restoration of Charles II to the throne, the reopening of the playhouses, and the first appearance of women on stage in England, I've been doing a series of articles on the corresponding months in 1660, liberally sprinkled with Sam's diary entries. You can find the links to the articles as well as my own blogs about my research adventures, information about my next book, etc., at my website, gillianbagwell.com.

      "The Darling Strumpet" is available for pre-order now from Amazon (US and UK) and Barnes & Noble. The UK edition will be published in August by Avon UK.

      Advance praise for The Darling Strumpet!

      "[A] richly engaging portrait of the life and times of one of history's most appealing characters!" - Diana Gabaldon, author of the best-selling Outlander series

      "Bawdy and poignant ... an ebullient page-turner!" - Leslie Carroll, author of Royal Affairs

      "Hard to resist this sort of seduction – a Nell Gwynn who pleasures the crowds upon the stages of London and the noblest men of England in their bedrooms. A vivid portrait of an age that makes our own seem prudish, told with verve, humour, pathos... and not a little eroticism." - C.C. Humphreys, Actor and Author of Jack Absolute.

      Gillian Bagwell
      author of
      "The Darling Strumpet"
      The tumultuous life of Nell Gwynn, beloved 17th century actress and royal mistress.


      "The September Queen"
      The unbelievable true escapade of the ordinary English girl who saved the King and the monarchy.

      Both coming from Berkley Publishing Group in 2011.

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