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What Greg Page the retired Yellow Wiggle has and what's up with the band

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  • Terry Foreman
    http://www.ndrf.org/orthostat.htm The yellow s now worn by Sam Moran and here s part of an article in the NYTimes: The band’s young fans may well prove more
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2006

      The yellow's now worn by Sam Moran and here's part of an article in the

      "The band’s young fans may well prove more adaptive, if only because they
      probably associate Mr. Page as much with his shirt color as his face. Four
      years ago, another cadre of preschoolers watched Steve, the character who
      had long been host of Nickelodeon’s “Blues Clues” series, pass the baton to
      another actor, playing Steve’s brother Joe, with no apparent disruption.
      And, in its 37-year history, “Sesame Street” has lost several main
      characters, including Will Lee, the actor who played the shopkeeper Mr.
      Hooper. Mr. Lee died in 1982, and his passing, both in real life and later
      in its depiction on the show, became a television touchstone.

      "Nonetheless, in a ritual repeated in numerous kitchens and playrooms
      around the world, Wendy Haller, 33, a preschool teacher from Longmeadow,
      Mass., said she sat her son, Matthew, 3½, down on Thursday morning and — as
      the band’s TV show played on the Disney Channel — told him: “Greg is not
      going to be a Wiggle any more. He is going home to be with his family.”

      "Ms. Haller then logged on to the band’s Web site to show Matthew a video
      clip that Mr. Page had prepared. In it, he explains that his illness
      (orthostatic intolerance) often makes him feel unbalanced and faint while
      standing because of a loss of blood pressure. While chronic, it is not
      thought to be life-threatening.

      "In the clip’s most emotional moment, Mr. Page, uncharacteristically clad
      in a black dress shirt, then presents his successor with the bright yellow
      jersey — or skivvy, as it is known in Australia — that has forever been his
      Wiggle uniform, whether on television or in more than 200 live performances
      a year in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States.

      "After several viewings, Ms. Haller said her son assured her, in so many
      words, that he was at peace with the news: “He said: ‘Sam is a new Wiggle.
      Greg is not going to be a Wiggle anymore.’ And he was fine with it.”

      "Much is riding on whether families are willing to embrace Mr. Page’s
      handoff to Mr. Moran, 28, whose original training was as an opera singer.
      In addition to all those CDs and DVDs with titles like “Yummy Yummy” and
      “Wiggly Safari,” there are Wiggle toys, books and games inspired by the
      band and its supporting cast of characters, which include a dinosaur named
      Dorothy and a dog named Wags. The members of the band, who collectively
      earned nearly $40 million last year, were the highest-paid entertainers in
      their native Australia the last two years, according to BRW, an Australian
      business magazine."

      This is for those who care. Me? I've never seen or heard then that I know
      of; but the NYT article was the 3rd-most emailed in the last 24
      hours. Chacun son gout.

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