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A query about Michael Vincent

Nate Lockwood posted this: http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1661/02/14/?c=531797#c531793 "I miss the "salty" Vincent. Has anyone been in contact with him? He
Terry Foreman
Feb 15, 2014

The Oxford English Dictionary and its chief word detective

Oxford English Dictionary Chief Editor John Simpson is to retire after 37 years at the famous reference work. Here he writes of a life hunting for the evidence
terry foreman
May 3, 2013

Re: Opening soon: Tesco espresso

It's pretty normal to find Australian baristas working at the increasing number of lovely independent coffeeshops in this neck of the woods (central London).
Phil Gyford
Aug 11, 2012

Re: Opening soon: Tesco espresso

Interesting! One to watch. Starbucks here in Australia have largely failed because they did not bother to invest in training. I think Australians appreciate
Susan Thomas
Aug 10, 2012

Opening soon: Tesco espresso

It's going to have top-notch baristas, hip interior design – and, like Starbucks, it's got a literary name. But can the supermarket's new coffee chain
terry foreman
Aug 9, 2012

Re: The surprising history of Hackney

A charming vignette of typical Pepys behaviour! I am reading a history of the evolution of table manners and rituals and Pepys has come into that - over the
Susan Thomas
Aug 3, 2012

The surprising history of Hackney

"Two particularly exciting things happened to Pepys on his jaunts to Hackney. In the exotic gardens of Brooke House, he saw oranges growing on trees for the
terry foreman
Aug 3, 2012

In response to Paul Chapin's online query

Paul, et al. Some months ago cum grano salis (etc.) [ Michael Vincent ] allowed as how -- IF I recall correctly -- he's be taking a leave of absence to take
terry foreman
May 29, 2011

Re: Xmas present

Dear Todd, Alexi Hamilton Jr. is not a relation, insofar as I know. Looking forward to meeting you Match 13. Andrew Hamilton
Jan 22, 2011

Re: Brisbane/ Australian Susan

So glad to hear you're okay, Susan. Thanks for the amazing description of what your community is contending with. Sending good thoughts, Gillian Bagwell
Jan 16, 2011

Re: Brisbane/ Australian Susan

Dear Linda and all, Thanks for your concern! We have been fine - our suburb Chapel Hill is well-named! We had problems with the tremendously heavy rain on
Susan Thomas
Jan 15, 2011

Re: Brisbane/ Australian Susan

Susan, Praying for you, yours, and everyone affected by this dreadful flood. Can never forget your kind encouragement, and that of other Pepysians, for New
Jan 15, 2011

Re: Brisbane is where "Australian Susan" ~ Susan Thomas lives

Australia's floods cut off some Brisbane residents, and water keeps rising Thousands in Brisbane have evacuated, and officials urge the stragglers to join them
terry foreman
Jan 12, 2011

Re: Brisbane is where "Australian Susan" ~ Susan Thomas lives

Best wishes to you all. Michael Robinson
Jan 12, 2011

Re: Brisbane is where "Australian Susan" ~ Susan Thomas lives

Good luck Susan - I hope you and everyone else get through this unscathed. ... -- Phil Gyford http://www.gyford.com/
Phil Gyford
Jan 12, 2011
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