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Fit Kit for 2012 Clothing Order

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  • Rich Giebelhausen
    I received the fit kit for our new clothing order yesterday.  The fit kit contains both men s and women s samples for the tri-shorts and tri-jerseys. 
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2012
      I received the "fit kit" for our new clothing order yesterday.  The fit kit contains both men's and women's samples for the tri-shorts and tri-jerseys.  DeSoto/Hidden Bay has different sizing for men vs women which I think is much nicer than just uni-sex sizing.  They also sent samples of their tech t-shirts but they are just uni-sex sizing.
      My plan is to take the fit kit to Five Points this Saturday and next Saturday so members will be able to try on specific items.  While I know everybody can't make it to Five Points, my thought is to setup some specific times to be at the RiverPlex where members can meet me and try on the specific items.  A couple of times I was considering for the RiverPlex is this Sunday at 1:00PM (before Super Bowl) and Monday evening around 5:30PM.  I would plan on just being in the main lobby of the RiverPlex and you could use the Guest locker rooms for the fitting.  The RiverPlex would probably frown on using the lobby for fittings!  Hopefully we will have final artwork within the week so we can send out to the members so they will see what the gear will look like.
      At this point the pricing will be as follows:
      Carreara Shorts (both men and women)        $50.00
      Carreara Tri-Jersey (both men and women)    $60.00
      Skin Cooler tech t-shirt                                $22.00
      Please plan on paying when you place your order.  Checks should be made payable to Peoria Triathlon Club.
      If you can't make one of these times or have an alternative suggestion, please let me know.
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