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William and Electa Penwell - 1890's - Missouri

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    SEIGAL B. CAWOOD. -On another page of this work is entered a resume of the life history of Thomas Cawood, the honored father of him whose name initiates this
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      SEIGAL B. CAWOOD. -On another page of this work is entered a
      resume of the life history of Thomas Cawood, the honored father of
      whose name initiates this paragraph, and in view of this fact it is
      demanded that here be entered a recapitulation of the data there

      The subject of this sketch was born on the parental
      farm, in Putnam county, Missouri, on the 5th of December, 1861,
      being a
      son of Thomas and Ellen (Starr) Cawood. He was reared to maturity in
      his native county, where he received his educational training in the
      public schools. He thereafter continued to be associated with his
      father in the work and management of the home farm until 1882, when
      came to South Dakota and took up his residence in Beadle county,
      he remained one year. He then came to Hand county, where his father
      in the meanwhile taken up his abode, and here the subject took up a
      homestead claim in Pleasant Valley township, perfecting his title to
      the same in due course of time and setting himself with
      energy to the reclaiming and improvement of his land. He is now the
      owner of a fine ranch of six hundred and forty acres, a portion of
      which he devotes to the raising of the various agricultural products
      best suited to the soil and climate, while the balance is used for
      grazing purposes and for the raising of hay. He is extensively
      in the raising of stock of the best type, and has attained
      success through his well directed efforts, having come to South
      as a young man of twenty-one years and having duly availed himself
      the golden opportunities here afforded to men of energy,
      and industrious habits. In politics Mr. Cawood is a staunch
      and he is known as a progressive and public-spirited citizen. He
      for five years as a member of the board of trustees of Pleasant
      township and has at all times given his aid and influence in support
      all enterprises and undertakings advanced for the general good. Mr.
      Mrs. Cawood have long been deeply interested in all movements for
      uplifting of their fellow men and they assisted in the organization
      the first Congregational church in Pleasant Valley township, July
      1894. Mr. Cawood was one of its first trustees and is now a deacon.
      They had, however, helped to organize and carry on Sunday school
      1884 and Mrs. Cawood has taught its primary department for twenty
      years. Their son, Ernest, was converted and joined the church at the
      age of nine years.

      On the 23d of March, 1886, Mr. Cawood was united in marriage
      Miss Mary Alice Penwell, who was born in Scotland county, Missouri,
      where she was reared and educated, being a daughter of William and
      Electa (Lewis) Penwell, the former of whom was a minister by
      Mr. and Mrs. Cawood have one son, Ernest Ray, who was born on the
      of January, 1891.
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