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Re: What is DECORA?

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  • scogre
    ... stone ... Also, ... Hi Ron, Decora is a pretty nice plastic for penturning. I don t know all the technical aspects of Decora, but I can give you my
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31, 2003
      --- In penturners@yahoogroups.com, "rczik" <rec@c...> wrote:

      > What is Decora offered by CSUSA made of? Is it a resin-plastic,
      > or what? How is it different from the celluloids CSUSA offers?
      > is the celluloids that CSUSA offers really celluloids? What are
      > peoples experiences with Decora?

      Hi Ron,

      Decora is a pretty nice plastic for penturning. I don't know all
      the technical aspects of Decora, but I can give you my impressions.

      Decora is different from the celluloid that CSUSA sells. It is a
      bit softer and less brittle than the celluloid, more like the
      texture of Corian. It seems to cut and turn just fine, but I find
      that it seems grabby while drilling. It is more prone to problems
      from heat than some other plastics, so watch your heat build-up
      while turning and sanding. I had heard that the company that makes
      Decora has stopped making it. Evidently it is an expensive process
      that takes a long time, and they felt it was not worth continuing.
      I managed to pick up a few blanks of the rare and beautiful
      dalmation Decora blanks from Craft Supplies last year, and had a
      good time turning some of them. The material comes off in long
      strings, and you have to stop the lathe occasionally to clear them

      I understand that the celluloid that is sold by CSUSA is not
      the "true" celluloid. I am not certain about this, but I had heard
      it is something like "celluloid acetate" rather than the "celluloid
      nitrate" that is considered the "true" celluloid. It is much more
      stable than the "true" celluloid as the nitrate version is flamable
      enough to be considered an explosive. I will tell you that some of
      the most beautiful pens I have made were from some of the celluloid
      blanks I got from CSUSA! It is a harder material than the Decora,
      and can chip, so be careful and use sharp tools! It does turn
      nicely, and also comes off in long strings. It polishes up nicely,
      and has a depth to it that is amazing. All you have to do to make a
      nice pen from this stuff is to pick a nice blank, and then not screw
      it up when you turn it!

      All in all, I think the celluloid is nicer than the Decora. But I
      have a couple of tortise shell Decora blanks that should be very
      nice when I turn them. Part of the reason the Decora is a bit more
      expensive may be that it is getting scarce. It is worth giving it a
      try, and may be a material you will want to stock up on.

      I hope this helps.

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