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  • penmaker56
    Oct 8, 2013

      It has been very busy here in the last month, with new shipments arriving constantly, and me constantly in the shop making plastics for stock. We will be introducing a new plastic for pen bodies, “FLEXIGRAN”, but the first production run of mini sheets will be going to a major pen manufacturer for their limited edition pen for the year. This new plastic is extremely durable and takes threading well and is great for a pen that does not have any interior supporting system (i.e. brass tubing), but because of its cost, it is overkill for pens that do use interior tubing. I will be making plastics into the beginning of next year, much to the chagrin of some who would like me to get to nib re-tipping and manufacturing. It’s time to start letting you know what’s new by going through the categories.




      There is really nothing new, but we have re-stocked on the ever-popular 10179 push button mechanism, there is now plenty on hand here in the US for the volume user, and the price is still the same. We also re-stocked 10218 push/click/cap actuated mechanism, unfortunately, we did have to raise the price on that one.




      Due to some requests, we have added 20153G, which is the Schmidt premium K5 converter in gold plate, the price is higher than the standard 20153, due to the gold plate. We were starting to run low on the 20179 complete piston filling unit with gold plated steel nib, which has gold colored metal parts; Schmidt has discontinued that unit and replaced it with our 20181, which is basically the same, but the gold metal parts are now replaced with black plastic…and they raised the price, so get the old ones while you can.




      We just got in a new fresh shipment from Schmidt and restocked on the easyFLOW 9000, black and blue (490114, 40101), 5888 medium red and black (40141, 40153) 5888 fine, black (40154), 888 medium bue (40270), and 888 fine black (40312). And new to us roller ball refills 8126 fine red and green (40615, 40616) and P8126 fine red and green (40617, 40617). We have been keeping the prices on the Schmidt refills the same through out the years even though the landing costs have skyrocketed upwards, we do not know how long we can keep the prices low.


      From Monteverde, we have brought in their “SUPERBROAD” Parker style ball point pen refill, this is standard ball point ink, but because of the 1.4 mm tip, it is very smooth; in black (40525) and blue (40527). We have had the Parker style Monteverde gel refills in blue and black, but now, we are stocking the following colors of gel refills: blue/black (40510BB), brown (40510BN), green (40510GN), orange (40510OR), pink (40510PK), purple (40510 PL), red (40510RD), and turquoise (40510TQ).




      To go along with the restocking of the 10218 mechanism, the 50101 threaded clamping bushing that goes with it has also been re-stocked. We have also brought in 2 new clips 55130 Modern, and 55135 Modern Spoon; right now these are as we receive them in plain steel, and when I get the time, after making plastics, I will plate them in the standard 24 kt. gold plate, and nickel plate.




      We have brought in from overseas made just for us, 20244 Nib Splitting Blades. They are 22 mm in diameter, .005” thick, and have a 1.8 mm arbor hole. To go with that 20250 Mandrel, which is a wide head 3/32” shaft mandrel to hold the splitting blade.




      This is a new section which has nibs that have been refurbished, repaired and/or re-tipped, that have come across my bench. They come and go, so you will have to keep checking to see what is available.




      Stock is low, that is why I am in the shop making the stuff. Right now Autumn (70764) and Purple Swirl (70350) came back in stock over the weekend, but half the supply was purchased before this newsletter. More will be coming and will be posted when available, so, please keep checking our website.




      In the 79101 series, we have re-stocked black (_BLK), engine red (_ER), and mandarin yellow (_MDN); we have added royal blue (_RB) and urushi red (_UR). In the 79205 series, we have re-stocked on some and have some that we do not know if we can get again, they are: amethyst mint (_AM), autumn stone (_AS), American stripes (_AST), blue marble (_BMBL), cerulean (_CRL), mint chocolate (_MC), mahogany stripe (_MS), mint strawberry (_MSY), orange chocolate (_OC), orange stone (_OS), pistachio chocolate (_PC), peacock (_PCK), and winter stone (_WS).


      And finally,




      We are now carrying Stipula’s line of Speed ball point pens. The standard colors are black, red, and ivory. We have black (66001)in stock now, while the red and ivory were backordered from Italy. We also have, made EXCLUSIVELY for us, matte forest green with gold trim (66004). This is only available from us or other dealers that have custom colors made for them that we swap with. We currently have yellow (66007) in stock and orange is coming soon. Other colors that we are expecting: a dark blue with rose gold trim, again exclusively for us, and a light blue when it comes in from Italy to it’s dealer that ordered it. Start collecting all the colors.


      Please keep checking back to our website, http://www.richardlgreenwald.com for new products and re-stocked items.


      Thank you very much.


      Richard (and Betsy) Greenwald