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108526Re: [penturners] CA glue finish

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  • Stan
    Oct 7 7:42 AM
      Thanks Barry,
      I am using one of those clip on LED lights with 24 LEDs in a 3.5” head from Lowes, about $20 only. Seems to work quite well. Fluorescent lighting is terrible for close work as far as I am concerned.
      Sent: Monday, October 07, 2013 10:17 AM
      Subject: Re: [penturners] CA glue finish

      Hi Stan,
      I use an incandescent light while working as it shows the sand lines much easier. My regular shop lights are fluorescent and when I didn't use the incandescent lighting the finished pens looked awful in the sunshine!
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      From: "Stan" <wa2uet@...>
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      Subject: [penturners] CA glue finish
      Date: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 9:31 AM


      The lines are definitely not in the wood Shiva. They appear as the CA goes on. I just finished one a few minutes ago getting more aggressive with the lateral sanding even including lateral sanding with the micromesh. I have a pen that is near flawless! I simply have not been sanding enough between coats. And the radial lines get deeper and deeper if I don’t sand after each couple of coats.
      So this time I sanded the wood through 600 grit.
      I used 2 coats of Thin CA and sanded lateral. Then I went through several coats of medium CA sanding lateral each couple of coats. I don’t have the wet paper and will look for some soon. Then to the wet micromesh also sanding lateral each time. And then the polish. Looks good. Thanks for the help. I did not look with a magnifier but I cannot see any radial marks with the naked eye.
      From: Shiva
      Sent: Monday, October 07, 2013 8:37 AM
      Subject: Re: [penturners] CA glue finish

      On 10/7/2013 10:11 AM, Stan wrote:
      The marks are radial Brad. I sand to 600 and I wipe with alcohol and I start with Thin CA maybe 2 coats. And I sand with the grain but I think I am simply not sanding enough with the grain. You are using a coarser grit to sand with the grain than I do. But no matter how much I apply and sand the CA will not go on smooth. I am basically doing what you do, including the polish at the end but I simply have not been successful getting the radial lines out. I will work harder with the 400 grit, maybe that is the secret.
      a good light should show if the lines are in the wood or not.. I have had that happen, it looks smooth, but get a light right, and I got lines still showing.. Whatever grit I last used, I have to use with the grain by hand, and then check again.. I have also had to do thin AGAIN with the next grit...
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