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FW: Two Tea Party Leaders Among Governor-Elect Tom Corbett's Transition Team

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Very Interesting! If you click on the link below and look at the story, you can download the full list of the transition team. Lois ... From: Bob Guzzardi
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2010
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      Very Interesting!  If you click on the link below and look at the story, you can download the full list of the transition team.




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      From: Bob Guzzardi [mailto:bobguzzardi@...]


      The two Tea Party leaders on the transition team are Diana Reimer, a co-founder of the Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots, and Ana Puig, co-chair of the Kitchen Table Patriots, a Bucks County group.   Ms. Reimer is also the statewide coordinator for the national Tea Party Patriots organization. Greg Whitestone is mentioned. The presence of State Sen. Anthony Williams sends a strong message that School Choice will be a priority of the Corbett Administration.


      Ana Puig, Kitchen Table Patriots, Liberty and Independence, The Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend, along with Anastasia Przybylski, co-founder, have shown stunning organizational leadership in Bucks County. Winning Ideas and Charming Presentations are their keys to drawing others to the cause of Constitutional Limited Government.


      Diana Reimer, (with Robert Allen Mansfield)  is upbeat, polite and a soul of steel; a real leader. The Leftist and scurrilous City Paper has done a reasonably accurate article about Diana and the Philadelphia Tea Party Movement. Much is unsaid, particularly, the failure to mention Don and Terri Adams and the Independence Hall Tea Party.

      This is a baby step in the right direction. Ana Puig and Diana Reimer are friends of The Forgotten Taxpayer.  Governor Elect was elected with Tea Party support and, frankly, although his other Transition Team choices are the regulars.


      The presence of State Senator Anthony Williams signals that Tom Corbett is very serious about school choice.

      Greg Wrightstone is a semi-step in the right direction. Mr. Wrightstone is a bit more support of GOP Chair Rob Gleason’s wing of the Republican party than I would have liked to see. Under the influence of Ms. Puig and Ms. Reimer, no squishes, I have some cautious optimism that he can become The Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend.

      “Greg Wrightstone, a member of several Tea Party groups and the chair of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Responsible Government, said Mr. Corbett participated in a number of Tea Party events during the campaign, creating an expectation he would have more members of the movement in his inner circle.”



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