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FW: Call your state legislators now

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    This is important! We don t want the lame duck legislature to vote on new leadership! Please make the calls! Lois ... From: berksteaparty-announce@meetup.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2010

      This is important!   We don’t want the lame duck legislature to vote on new leadership! 


      Please make the calls!




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      November 4, 2010

      Metcalfe Calls for Postponement of Secret Ballot Leadership Elections

      HARRISBURG— Following up on yesterday’s e-mail communication with House Republican members, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) is again calling for a postponement of leadership elections, which are currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 9, 2010.

      “Holding leadership elections just one week from Election Day continues the business as usual, backdoor politics that blatantly defies the will of the voting electorate,” Metcalfe said. “The vote cast for leadership is one of the most important votes cast as a legislator. Constitutionally, the new legislative session does not start until December 1, 2010, and no vote impacting the new session should occur before that date.”

      The vote for leadership is the only behind closed doors, secret ballot vote cast in the legislature. This system has allowed legislators to vote for leaders that their constituents would not approve of. Newly-elected members should be allowed adequate time to thoroughly consider all leadership candidates and cast a vote that would be in the best interest of their constituents.

      “The newly-elected leadership team will be facing a budget deficit from a budget that the majority of rank-and-file Republicans voted against,” Metcalfe said. “When a leader is elected, a certain amount of grace and trust is extended from the electorate and their votes should reflect the will of the majority of the Republican House members, who are elected to represent the will of the majority of Pennsylvanians.”

      In addition to ensuring maximum transparency, Metcalfe went on to highlight why leadership elections should be postponed to on or after December 1, 2010, the first day members are constitutionally serving in the new session:

      1. The election results from November 2, 2010 have yet to be certified.

      2. Newly-elected members should not be expected to take off additional time from their current positions to rush to Harrisburg so quickly after the election.

      3. Incumbent members-elect and new members-elect deserve a transparent leadership election process that provides a sufficient amount of time to speak with and consider all leadership candidates.

      “The Declaration of Independence makes it clear that no legislative body should be called together, ‘at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures,’” Metcalfe cited. “The solution is clear cut, leadership elections should be open and accountable, and deferred until at least December 1, 2010, to allow for a sensible end to backdoor politics as usual.”

      Metcalfe has been a leader in the fight to end secret ballot leadership elections, most notably when he alerted Pennsylvanians of the special election, behind closed doors vote for the Republican Appropriations Committee Chairmanship in January of this year.


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