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FW: Pennsylvania Ranks 8th Worst State in Country for Business

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    We re in the top ten for something -- Lois ... From: Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) [mailto:info@empowerpa.org] Having trouble viewing this email?
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      We’re in the top ten for something -- Lois


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      Pennsylvania Ranks Eighth Worst in Country For Business

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      5.7.12: According to a survey of 650 CEO's, Pennsylvania is the 8th worst state in the country for business (which is a little confusing because we are 43rd best on the main list). The Commonwealth scores well on workforce quality and living environment. However, our regulatory and tax environment push Pennsylvania to the bottom of the heap. As noted anonymously by one CEO:


      "It's not just the regulations and taxes - it's also how the government treats businesses. Probably two additional scales - one for competence and one for friend/foe. I'd have to give my own state, Pennsylvania, low marks in these areas."


      With over 340 independent state agencies, offices, state departments, boards, commissions, and committees stemming from the executive branch, it shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone that our regulatory environment is a major hindrance to doing business.


      Despite having a supposedly pro-business Governor and record Republican majorities,  Pennsylvania actually dropped four places from the 2011 survey. While other states are addressing their labor climate, Pennsylvania has done nothing. Our legislature has also failed to address the fact that the Commonwealth has one of the highest tax rates for unemployment compensation in the country.


      Until Pennsylvania's government radically reforms our business climate, the Commonwealth will have to continue to bribe businesses to set up shop with




      Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) is a non-profit organization founded to raise the standard of living of all Pennsylvanians by restoring limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility. By empowering the Commonwealth's employers and taxpayers to break state government's "Iron Triangle" of career politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Government lobbyists, this restoration will occur and Pennsylvania will prosper.






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