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1443You Can Make a Difference this Election in the 80th district!

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  • loismk2000
    Mar 19, 2014

      Many of you are familiar with the struggles we have gone through and the progress made in the Hollidaysburg School District.  It has taken us several election cycles and a lot of hard work, but our efforts have finally been paying off since our victories in 2009, 2011, and again in 2013. 

                As you know, as hard as it is to get non-establishment reformers elected, the hard work really begins when you start serving in office.  Many candidates disappoint us in that their campaign promises fall short in the actual results they achieve. 

                This is not the case with Aaron Ritchey and his team on the current board.

                Aaron put in 20 hours of volunteer time per week the first year to gather information and build the coalitions necessary between administration, board members, staff, and union officials to make a real difference in the district:  achieve a balanced budget without raising taxes, furloughing teachers, or cutting programs, and passing a budget-neutral teachers’ contract with real, long-term savings in healthcare benefits.  This is no small task!

                As you also are aware, many of the problems in school districts across the Commonwealth are directly a result from actions (or lack thereof) in Harrisburg!

                Now we have a rare opportunity to send someone with real experience, dedication, knowledge and skills to Harrisburg, and I am asking for your help.


      Ten per cent of the voters will determine 50% of the election outcome in May.  We need to reach each and every one of these voters before May 20th and convince them that Aaron is the right person for this job.  We need to knock on 4,000 doors and raise $70,000 to compete with our opponent, who will certainly outspend us in paid advertising.

                This doesn’t mean she is a shoe-in by any means.  There are plenty of examples of candidates winning elections and being far outspent by their opponents, sometimes even incumbants.

                But we do need resources to reach the people we just won’t have a chance to meet otherwise, and who will be bombarded with media from our opponent.

                The more time we spend fundraising, the less time we have to get in front of the actual voters.


                When do you think you will have another opportunity to vote for real change in Harrisburg in our district?

                Please send us your best contribution today to help us meet our goal!  (There is no maximum donation amount for state house campaigns.)

                Friends of Aaron Ritchey

                c/o Lois Kaneshiki

                1076 Edgewood Drive

                Duncansville 16635


                If you call me at 207-0011 I will come pick up your check at your convenience.


                I need to ask you another favor today.

                We are going to have a fundraising event in April (date tbd). 

                I need volunteers who will pledge to send 10 invitations to people they know with a personal note.  I will get the invitations to you by the end of next week.


      Let me know if you can help!


      With your partnership, we can and will win the 80th District race and help other reformers in Harrisburg achieve the change we desperately need!


      Lois Kaneshiki


      Friends of Aaron Ritchey



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