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1438FW: Twitter Brigade: ACTION ALERT

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Nov 20, 2013
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      FYI !!  -- Lois


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      From: Katy Abram [mailto:KAbram@...]


      Twitter Brigade,


      It's time to activate!  Yesterday the House passed a$2 billion dollar tax increase for transportation which will affect your pockets at the pump and elsewhere.  They will be voting again tomorrow for final passage of this crushing new tax bill.  We need you to put pressure on several key Republican members of the House (some of which are conservatives!)  Please post this on your Facebook page too because this will affect EVERYONE in PA!


      Targets: @RepGordon @RepBryanCutler @RepAument @RepGrove @RepStanSaylor


      Don't pass the Transportation Tax bill @RepGordon @RepBryanCutler @RepAument



      We can't afford more taxes #VoteNoTransportationTax @RepGordon @RepAument



      This is not sensible tax reform! #VoteNoTransportationTax @RepGrove @RepRyanCutler



      We are taxed enough already! #VoteNoTransportationTax @RepGrove @RepStanSaylor



      We will have another alert tomorrow morning with a few more representatives. The vote is being held tomorrow. Let's do this!


      In Liberty,


      Katy Abram

      State Social Media Assistant

      Americans for Prosperity Foundation

      cell: 717-205-7426