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1437The World's Best Kept Political Secret on Paltalk Tuesday

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Nov 20, 2013

      The World’s Best Kept Political Secret


      We will take our government back in 2014 with YOUR help!


      From Common Core to Obamacare, our elected “leaders” and unelected bureaucrats have been making bad choices,  and we the people have been left OUT of the process!


      Be part of the solution in 2014 and come meet with us!  We will tell you how to be part of revolutionary change that can change the political landscape forever!


      This is a big project and we need your help!


       I will be doing a dry-run of my new presentation on Paltalk.com in the Pennsylvania Precinct Project room on Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 7:30 p.m..  You need to download the free software on paltalk.com in order to use this free service.  “Friend” me when you get there.  My handle is lkaneshiki.
      I hope to “see” you in the chat room on Tuesday!
      Lois Kaneshiki
      Pennsylvania Precinct Project