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1433Will the Pa Senate Ever Take a Stand on NDAA and the Liberty Preservation Act (SB999)?

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Nov 17, 2013

      Friends of liberty,


      We have a problem in the Pennsylvania Senate. 


      I should say, 46 problems.


      The 46 problems are your state senators who have not co-sponsored The Liberty Preservation Act SB999, the NDAA non-compliance bill, which takes a stand for the Constitution and our rights of due process. (You can learn more about the NDAA and SB99 on our web site http://www.RLCPa.org)


      Here is the bill and the current sponsors:




      I am adding Senator and Intergovernmental Operations Committee Chair Scott Hutchinson to this “problem” list, even though he is a sponsor of the bill, because he refuses to schedule our bill for a committee hearing and a vote.


      I am afraid that without your help we will get nowhere with this bill that we have worked so hard to introduce and explain to our Pennsylvania senators.


      What I need you to do this week:


      1.  Email Senator Hutchinson and thank him for co-sponsoring the bill.  Tell him it is important to you that he uphold his oath of office, defend the Constitution, and have a hearing and vote on SB999 in this session.  It is important that you be polite and respectful, regardless of your feelings!  Make sure you ask for a response in writing.




      You can also tweet Senator Hutchinson:



      Use hashtags #SB999 and #NDAA in your tweet


      Phone 717-787-9684


      2.     Email and tweet YOUR state senator and ask him or her to become a co-sponsor if he/she has not yet done so.  Do this even if you have done so previously. 

      Find your state senator here:



      3.     Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same!


      Attached are sample messages you can use.


      4.     Call/ email/tweet Senator Folmer and thank him for being our champion on this effort!   717-787-5708; @SenatorFolmer ;  http://www.senatorfolmer.com/connect.htm



      Thank you for helping us fight for liberty in our great Commonwealth!


      In liberty,


      Lois Kaneshiki


      Republican Liberty Caucus

      Pennsylvania Chapter




      Visit our web site and become a member of the RLCPa today and help us fight for liberty!