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1432Common Core Action: Time to act is NOW. We need your help.

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Nov 15, 2013
      Once more... Time to act is NOW. We need your help.

      Please make these contacts ASAP!  Lois


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      Say "NO" to Common Core in PA

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      The IRRC needs to hear from you

      We notified you recently that one of the last lines of defense in our war against Common Core in PA was at the PA Independent Regulatory Review Commission. You rallied to our plea to write to the IRRC in a huge fashion, so much so that we took down the IRRC website for a while. But now the pro-CCS are mounting a large offensive by motivating the Chambers of Commerce and local school boards by writing testimonials of support for the so-called PA Core standards. We are being outnumbered in submittals and need to swamp the IRRC.

      WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?  (Key talking points are at the end of this E-Mail.)

      1.      Top Priority: Send the IRRC your “testimonial” against PA Core Standards to Mr. David Sumner, who is the Executive Director of the IRRC.  E-Mail: dsumner@...
      §        In your E-Mail reference IRRC No. 2976.
      §        The deadline for receipt of these “testimonials” is 10 AM, Tuesday, November 19
      §        Let the IRRC know why you oppose PA Core Standards and voice your informed concerns. They are particularly concerned about the cost of implementation and fiscal consequences(There is no question that initial and continuing costs resulting from the mandates of this initiative could prove to be prohibitive for PA taxpayers at a time when we are already facing severe budgetary problems and an exploding pension crisis.)  Your testimony does not have to be lengthy but will be considered.
      §        You can view comments that have already been submitted to the IRRC at the web site:
      2.      Voice your concerns to the following individuals:
      §        Representative Paul Clymer (Majority Chair, PA House Education Committee)
          E-Mail: pclymer@...                         Phone: (717)-783-3154
      §        Governor Corbett:  E-Mail: Governor@...                       Phone: (717)-787-2500
      §        Your Own State Senator and State Representative:
      Contact information can be obtained by:  (1) accessing the web site: www.legis.state.pa.us/, (2) clicking on the “address” link of “Who’s My Legislator,” and (3) typing in your home address on the web site, and clicking on “Go.”
      3.      Share this information with as many people as possible.  Time is of the essence.  We must act NOW, before costs and mandates become so entwined in our educational system that we cannot extricate ourselves from them!
      KEY TALKING POINTS:  (It is best to put comments in your own words and use original ideas whenever possible.)
      §        How much is this going to cost?  Stop it until we know.  (So far no complete fiscal analysis has been presented to our state legislators by the PA Dept. of Ed.)
      §        How will this be funded? This will undoubtedly lead to tax increases in local districts.
      §        Don’t approve unfunded mandates.  (The cost of remediating and administering project based assessments to students who fail any of the three Keystones that will be required for graduation beginning in 2017 will be a huge unfunded mandate for local school districts.)
      §        Why is this initiative being forced on every school district in PA when it is untested and when there is no empirical evidence that it will improve learning outcomes?
      §        School districts are already financially strapped; don’t add to their problems.
      If you wish additional information, contact nocommoncoreinpa@...

      We need you to rally to the sound of the guns and once again submit written testimonials opposing PA Core Standards. This may be our last stand and best hope to defeat this federal takeover of our schools. The PA Core proponents are promising "If you like your curriculum and local control, you can keep your curriculum and local control, period." We know this to be untrue and need your help.


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