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1428FW: Vote NO on retention November 5th...

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Oct 31, 2013

      Forwarding: you decide -- Lois


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      From: Bob Guzzardi [mailto:bobguzzardi@...]

      Vote NO on retention November 5th...

      Justice Castille is 69 and has to retire in a year and Justice Baer, a Democrat, is 66 and will have to retire in 4 years. I am recommending voting NO on retention. Neither of these Justices will fill the term and neither are, in my view, trustworthy to reliably interpret and apply the Constitution. The Gambling Bill, for example, was a travesty as was the decision on the Pay Raise. 

      Article III of the Pennsylvania Constitution was disregarded relating to Single Subject and Original Purpose in both Pay Raise decision and, in the case of Gambling decision, the Committee Rule.

      Most importantly, it sends a very, very powerful message that we, the people, don't trust government and don't want to be lied to anymore.


      912 Patriots of Lower Bucks


      912 Patriots of Lower Bucks

      * * * Announcement * * * 

      Independence Hall Tea Party PAC

      For Immediate Release

      Contact:  Don Adams, 215.620.3055

                     Cort Rosholt, 609.354.8767



                    Group Urges 'No' Vote on Retention of PA Supreme Court Justices

      Ron Castille and Max Baer; Says Justices Stopped Implementation of Voter ID;

      Urges Voters to Say 'No' to Judges who said 'No' to Voter ID


      Philadelphia (October 30, 2013) --  The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC is urging a 'No' vote on retention of PA Supreme Court Justices Ron Castille (R) and Max Baer (D) in Tuesday's November 5, 2013 election due to their failure to uphold the Voter ID law enacted by the Pennsylvania Assembly and signed by Governor Tom Corbett (R).


      "We are in the process of contacting over 170 Tea Party and Patriot groups across Pennsylvania to ask that they join us in urging the rejection of Justices Ron Castille  and Max Baer for their role in obstructing the implementation of the Voter ID law in both the 2012 and 2013 Pennsylvania Primary and General Elections," said PAC President, Don Adams.


      According to Pennsylvania law, Chief Justice Ron Castille, age 69, is required to retire from the Supreme Court upon his 70th birthday.


      "The PAC is urging voters to give both justices an early retirement for thwarting the will of the people and Pennsylvania law by refusing to implement Voter ID.


      "Polls consistently show that Pennsylvanians favor Voter ID by overwhelming margins.  A September 2012 Quinnipiac/NY Times/CBS Poll showed that 62% of Pennsylvanians approve the law, while 35% oppose. 


      Additionally, 99% of those interviewed stated that they possessed a state issued photo identification and 1% did not," said Adams.


      "Despite these figures, the PA Supreme Court, with the votes of both Justices Castille and Baer, has seen fit to obstruct Voter ID implementation in four election cycles by twice remanding that a lower court review the law's merit, with specific stipulations of the high court, based on a questionable legal challenge.


      "The PA Supreme Court did not even have the courage to rule on the law itself.  

      Instead, it is hiding behind the rulings of lower court judges. 


      "This is completely unacceptable behavior and the voters of Pennsylvania will have a chance to say 'No' to the Justices who said 'No' to Voter ID."


      "Undoubtedly, Justices Castille and Baer will spend a small fortune on the retention vote.  We will be limited to word of mouth and free social media.  

      But since 2013 is a low turnout election year, and voters, in general, are not in a good mood, we hope to prevail.








      Linda Rosen

      Patriot of Lower Bucks

      Doylestown, PA 18901