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1418What you can do this week to fight Common Core

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  • Lois Kaneshiki
    Oct 16 10:38 AM
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      A chance to STOP Common Core NOW

      Here is an action item from Pennsylvanians Against Common Core (see email below). 


      Also, Rep. Paul Clymer, who is the Chair of the state House Education Committee, would like to hear from school board members, teachers, retired teachers, anyone in the teaching/education profession who is against CC and why.


      He has asked to be called directly on his personal cell phone.   I am not going to put it in a group email.  If you would like it so you can contact him, please email me privately.


      Lois Kaneshiki




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      From: Pennsylvanians Against Common Core [mailto:contactpacc2013=gmail.com@...] On Behalf Of Pennsylvanians Against Common Core
      Wednesday, October 09, 2013 1:55 PM

      Say "NO" to Common Core in PA

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      We need your help! We have immediate action items that can stop Pa Core Standards in its tracks. We need this to happen between now and October 11th.

      Re: IRRC
      We have an opportunity to stop the Common Core agenda at the regulatory review level. The IRRC (Independent Regulatory Review Commission) is currently reviewing the newly renamed Pa Core Standards implementation. The IRRC is responsible for regulatory review of nearly all regulations before implementation occurs.

      1.  Send the IRRC your testimonial against PA Core Standards to: http://www.irrc.state.pa.us/contact.aspx

      Let them know why you oppose Pa Core Standards. They are particularly concerned about the cost of implementation. Your testimony will be considered. Below are talking points and a sample letter you can personalize and please reference these with the new name of Pennsylvania Core Standards (although we know that it is basically Common Core with lipstick):

      Key talking points to pound home:

      • How much is this going to cost? Stop it until we know.
      • How will it be funded? Will this lead to tax increases in local districts?
      • Don’t approve unfunded mandates.
      • Why is this being forced on every school district without testing to prove that it will work?
      • Every school district is already financially strapped, don’t add to their problems.

      Sample letter
      Reference IRRC No. 2976
      Dear Mr. Sumner,
      Please put a stop to the implementation of Pa Core Standards immediately.  First and foremost, no one can determine how much it will cost.  Our school districts are already plagued with budget problems and is trying to deal with the imminent pension crisis.  Pa Core Standards are nothing more than another unfunded mandate.  No one can confirm how much the implementation will cost let alone remediation.  How can we implement something without knowing how much it will cost?  This is senseless and dangerous. 

      Further, Pa Core Standards will bring on additional testing that is a public health concern.  Over testing our students is creating unnecessary stress with no proof of outcome.  Children as young as 2nd grade are getting physically ill from the pressure these tests are creating.  As the children get older, the stakes are higher and the psychological and physical consequences are even greater.  There is a huge movement against high stakes testing here in
      Pennsylvania and with good reason.  High stakes testing affects the wellbeing of our students.  Opting out is becoming a movement.  This is and will create an additional cost that has not been considered.

      Pa Core Standards are bad for Pennsylvanian students and the tax payer.  Please stop this unfunded and unfounded regulation.

      2.  Sign up for IRRC updates to let them know you are watching!  Sign up here:  http://www.irrc.state.pa.us/subscribe.aspx
      The governor has the power to put a stop to this nonsense NOW!  TODAY!  There is no money to fund this monster Please contact Governor Corbett via email, phone, snail mail, Facebook or twitter.  We have some sample "Tweets" for you if you are a "Tweeter".  Tell the governor NO MORE UNFUNDED MANDATES!  Stop
      Pennsylvania Core Standards NOW!
      Contact Information: 
      508 E-floor Main Capitol Building
      Harrisburg, PA 17120
      (717) 787-2500
      Sample Tweets:
      @GovernorCorbett How much is #commoncore going to cost #pa. Please stop it until we know!
      @GovernorCorbett Stop #commoncore until we know how much it is going to cost us taxpayers!
      @GovernorCorbett Please don't pass an unfunded mandate #commoncore
      @GovernorCorbett #commoncore will adversely impact every single school district in #pa.  please stop it now!
      @GovernorCorbett #commoncore will bankrupt our #pa school districts.
      @GovernorCorbett #pa school districts are already financially strapped.  please don't add #commoncore to our financial woes. stop it now.

      Please continue to promote the Pennsylvanians Against Common Core on-line petition and Facebook page. If you would like to have a spokesperson speak to your group concerning the problems and questions concerning Common Core, please contact us at contactpacc2013@...

      Visit our website at http://nopacommoncore.com 



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